5 Tips to make Every Day like Valentine’s Day

Last New Year, we gave you guys a bunch of tips to start the year right. Since it’s Chinese New Year, we thought we’d do it again. And hey- it’s Valentine’s Day too. You can’t expect the top Dating Academy in Singapore to be silent on Valentine’s do you?

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Without further ado, here are the 5 Valentine’s Tips:

5. Be the Social Guy

How to Build a Social Network

In all my years of helping hundreds of Singaporean men achieve their dating goals, the number one problem Singaporean men repeatedly faced on their road to success was… Social Anxiety.

A skyrocketing heart rate, sudden shortness of breath, hands and knees shaking as if an earthquake just hit, and an educate and talkative Singaporean man suddenly goes completely blank.

All this from just attempting to approach an attractive woman for a simple conversation.

But the paralyzing fear of public humiliation is all that is in the mind of our poor guy. Being so self-conscious and caring so much about what complete strangers think is the number one problem plaguing Singaporean men when it comes to dating.

So what to do?

Be the Social Guy, not the Social Handicap.

Here’s how to do it the pain-free way:

How to Start a Conversation

Get in the habit of talking to new people all the time.

Make small talk with the cabdriver. Joke around with the receptionist at your office or the clerk at the 7-11. Commiserate over the weather with strangers waiting at the bus stop. Compliment fashionably dressed strangers or service staff in the stores you frequent. Give a stranger a dollar just because they look friendly and you want to brighten someone’s day a little. Learn the joy of making strangers laugh and putting a smile on the faces of people you’ve just met.

Become a social guy who likes meeting new and interesting people. Do it all the time. Make friends of people of all ages, races, and walks of life.

Work this into your daily routine: Start a one-minute chat with at least three new people every day for the next three months.

Every man who is successful with women is also very comfortable socializing with people in general. Once you get good at socializing as a whole, it will be a lot easier to approach and chat with women you’re attracted to naturally and effortlessly without feeling anxious or nervous.

4. Be Interesting and Interested

Quit sitting at home alone playing Wii. Having nothing interesting going on in life is one of the biggest factors holding people back from making new friends. Even when you do get into a conversation with a girl, you’ve got nothing to say and nothing to connect on.

Get some new hobbies. Do things you’ve been meaning to do for a long time but have never gotten around to doing. Travel to new countries. Learn how to play guitar. Take up a new sport. Get a fitness trainer or join a martial arts club. Pick up a new language. Learn how to cook delicious meals. Become interesting and interested.

Explore your passions. Live life to the fullest now. This one thing alone will make you exponentially more attractive to women.

3. Make Her Work for It.

People only value what they invest time and effort into. This is as true of beautiful women as it is of anything in life. If you’re bending over backwards for her, asking her out at every opportunity, and doing anything she wants, then she simply won’t respect you or value you. And any attraction you’ve built up will be gone.

So make her put in time and effort into starting and maintaining your relationship. If you’re like most guys, you do the opposite of this, so it might be a little unnatural for you at first.

You can start small.

In your conversations, get her to open up and talk as much as (if not more than) you do. Aim for a 50-50 balance. Don’t dominate the conversation, trying to impress her. Instead, get her working to impress you. The same applies to SMS or phone contact. Make sure she texts and phones you as much as (if not more than) you text and phone her.

Ask her to meet you on your side of town for the date while making sure she gets home safely at the end of the night. Let her treat you to coffee while you get the dessert.

Be a bit more elusive and unpredictable, which will keep her guessing and thinking about you. Get her to put in more time and effort into the interaction and relationship. The more she works for it, the more she will want it.

2. Don’t Be Desperate

Few things will turn off a woman of quality more than a man who reeks of desperation. The fastest way to scare off a beautiful woman is to go immediately into serious relationship mode and ask her to be your girlfriend after your first date, or to call her ten times a day, or to get too possessive and clingy.

How to Attract Women

Instead, chill out. Relax. Sit back, literally. Take it easy. Keep everything light, casual, and enjoyable.

As you start to get a busier dating life, and you begin to internalize the notion that the world has an abundance of potential partners for you, it will become easier and easier for you to have the right mindset and attitude. In the meantime, instead of acting desperate, act as if you have a wealth of dating options.

1. Go for It

Guys who have no courage turn off hot women. What women everywhere want is a confident man who goes after what he wants.

How to Speak with Confidence

As soon as you see that the beautiful girl has noticed you, be brave and approach her immediately. Once you’ve established rapport and made an emotional connection, exchange contact info to keep in touch. Or better yet, arrange a date with her. When you’re wondering whether she’d like to kiss you, look her deeply and directly in her eyes, and make your move.

Don’t leave her hanging and disappointed that she’s not with a real man. Step up and go for it.

To Summarize:

  1. Social Skills, and being truly outgoing.
  2. Interests and Passions, and being truly remarkable as a person.
  3. A deep understanding of interactions with a woman
  4. Not being needy.
  5. Having the guts to go for it.

These 5 tips correspond to 5 characteristics all our students acquire. This could be you. Sign up tomorrow for $1000 off.

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5 Tips to make Every Day like Valentine’s Day