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I’m currently enrolled in Invincible and I’ve got through most of the program so far. Up to this point it’s definitely been an eye-opening experience discovering the behaviors I’ve formed over the years due to fear, shame or insecurities. I’m eager to learn more about correcting these behaviors in an effort towards more fulfillment in my life. The content is great and the order of modules is definitely well thought out. Thank you so far!

Jerrod G.

I have to say, David Tian has changed my life an insane amount for the better. When I first started listening to his podcasts, I was skeptical. I was skeptical because it was turning my entire belief structure on its head. Little did I know that, at the time, many parts of me were dying to have my belief structure uprooted. It was causing me anxiety, frustration, anger, and most of all—shame. I was unaware of my insecurities and I was insecure of my insecurities… This was sabotaging many parts of my life and giving me needless negative emotions. I could write a book with the amount of distress I was causing myself.

I took the extra step with his two courses, Invincible and Rock Solid Relationships, and they have helped me immensely. In a life fulfillment perspective, I’m calmer and far less anxious with my work setting and my social group setting. Additionally, I’m more confident and, frankly, I give a lot less of a shit of what other people think of me, which is key to living YOUR fulfilled life. And from the perspective of women, I’ve literally had beautiful women tell me that my “emotional intelligence” is grounding (thanks for the intelligence in that domain, David) and they love to be around me.

One final thing is that it is crucial to swallow your pride and accept you are wrong. It is crucial to say “okay, the way I’m looking at this is not doing me any good” while rebuilding from fresh. If you have a closed heart and you get so defensive that you are fucking blind, nothing will work.

David Tian’s diligence and palatable delivery has given me the tools to push forward in a journey of self-healing and unlocking fulfillment. 

Stan K.

After one year with Legendary Coaching, it’s a real journey. I learned to understand myself, and got through many lessons that we had with David Tian. I’m grateful for this opportunity and I will take it to the next level: Relationship. That’s why I choose to buy Rock Solid Relationships too.
Thank you again, David Tian

T. Dà

I attended a speed dating event last week in which 7 out of 8 women (who were mostly young professionals) liked me, and I mutually matched with the ones I liked. Much thanks to David Tian and his Invincible course for helping me get this far. A year ago I would have never imagined something like this happening to me. During this period I have totally transformed and women are able to pick on that.

B. Zhang

Hi to everyone.

I wanted to share my progress with all of you, so you can see what is possible to achieve. Also I would like to thank David Tian for his great course and his life saving guidance. So Thank you man!

Before I joined Rock Solid Relationships, I was a very insecure man with impressive social anxiety issues (funny that only now I realize this), always thinking through my behavior in relation to what other people might think of me. Besides that I was terrible with girls, even if they showed interest in me, I just froze because of my insecurities.

After I signed up for David’s Rock Solid Relationships, I went through the material several times. Especially the second time I went through the material, a lot of it started to make sense. Finally I decided I had to do my IFS therapy as David suggested. I made the decision to apply for therapy, however I was so scared to actually do it, it took me several months to finally send an e-mail to make an appointment.

After the first session I already made progress. My avoidance strategies that I applied throughout my daily life had already been resolved. Instead of avoiding situations this part is now focussing on connecting with people. Next I had several parts that where in conflict with each other, making me very tired every day. After working with them, I began to notice I had way more energy during the day.

After about a few months, I already had a great part of my life back. My social anxiety is now completely gone. I have a huge amount of self confidence. Uncertain situations are now invitations for me to explore instead of running from. I guard my boundaries in relation to my work. I used to work my ass off so my boss would have to like me. Now my personal life is more valuable than my work. My social skills have improved, I used to be scared to ask people questions about their life, because It was information I had nothing to do with (so I thought). Now I actually ask people what is going on in their life, how they experience things and how they feel about that. I used to become very frustrated when things in my life failed. Now I just laugh at them and be confident I will find another way to reach my goal.

One of the best things is something I realized about a few months ago. I always saw a terrible person when I looked in the mirror, a failure of a person, someone that was disliked by everyone. Since a few months, when I look in the mirror I love the person that I see, just the way he is. It is hard to describe but my life is so much easier now.

I am not there yet, I still make progress and there is still work to do, however I am so grateful I took this step.

Finally I would like to encourage you all to finish David’s course and then rerun it several times. Also apply for therapy, because you will benefit from it for the rest of your life.

Good luck to you all!!

J. van der Werf

Hi David,
After reading your newsletter for what must be at least a year now, I would just like to thank you for these words and also thank you in the name of all men for doing this.You are truly doing an absolutely essential job that is overlooked and I truly believe that you are doing good for humanity here.
Thanks again and best regards!

Moritz B.

I can honestly say Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery was instrumental in helping my marriage, my personal self discovery, made me a better Father, and leader! If you are ready for the teacher, David Tian is the master instructor.

David R.

As a result of your Rock Solid Relationships course, I am really spoilt for choice when it comes to options. Because so much I have learned through your courses have been very valuable across various aspects of my life, be it with women, family, workplace, loving myself etc. I find that I have become a much more emotionally secure person when I am able to take care of my own emotional needs, and I find my relationships across various social settings growing to become richer, more fulfilling and enjoyable, deeper and authentic. I feel amazed that people respond differently to me now, including people I have known for many years, the social dynamics have improved. So I really look forward to growing as I continue to review your courses and apply them to all my social relationships including with women. I feel so grateful to have gone through Rock Solid Relationships.

Y.W. Lim

The Legendary Coaching Group has helped me to understand how my childhood affects my present and how to handle it in a better way. It has helped me to deal with the negative emotions that came from my past and see my childhood with new eyes. Also the bonus courses are great and explain the different phases of success. A great service is the weekly live classes where you can ask David Tian questions.

Johnny K.

I now have way more women interested in me than I can handle, and it’s all from just being myself. Listen to David, get Platinum, get therapy, and effortless attraction will come. I still have problems I’m working on, but attraction isn’t one. David’s material is why… I can’t say enough about how impactful this has been to my life in a great way!

Nathan F.

I’ve been going through Lifestyle Mastery, Rock Solid Relationships, Freedom U, and other courses as part of the Platinum Partnership. And I really notice people around me interacting differently with me, in a good way. I actually find myself enjoying the feeling of deeper connections as I share my vulnerabilities with the right people. This is a feeling I rarely felt for most of my life before taking your courses. I feel less sexual shame now, and am enjoying my relationships in my various social activities and at work too. There’s this growing sense of freedom and self love in me that feels really liberating!

Y. Lin

Dear support team,
David asked for feedback on the last Freedom U live, and I’ll give you feedback anytime, but I’m not sure it will be helpful.
I started studies on attraction, masculine psychology, and “dating” in 2014. That’s when I found the Desire Code. To this very day, I owe my growth and development in many ways to David’s courses and general influence. His evolution has also been my evolution.
I suppose it helps he and I are from the same generation. In fact, I know it does. I am solidly a gen x. Perhaps it’s really true you can only judge a generation by others in that same generation. I will tell you, David has been the biggest influence in my life for growth (above and below) out of everything I have studied since 2014. My Study has been extensive.
I can’t explain lower engagement levels in Freedom U or anywhere else for that matter. Sometimes I can’t believe the “views” or engagement levels other people on social media have. David blows these guys away in terms of depth and content. He will no doubt exceed them soon with metrics too.
I can only tell you my personal story. I’m buried and tired. I dream of clean linens, pale moonlight, soft sound, and cool pillows. I dream of this hours before I can actually sleep. Meditation is impossible as I will be asleep on the 3rd “Ohm.” I am in Drive waiting for the uninterrupted 2 hours I need for the first meditation.
Life has been changed dramatically for many of us which can be very preoccupying. I’m solid these days thanks in no small part to Aura. Maybe that’s it for many other people too. All I know is David has an ardent supporter and loyal friend in me. Whatever I have invested, it has come back to me an hundred fold.
As I said, this may not help. From my seat I am grateful and as engaged as I can be. I spread the word and send links whenever the opportunity presents itself. I hope for a bigger break for David as always, and perhaps that will be just around the corner. Either way I’ll be here as long as I’m breathing. A big thank you to all of you and especially to David for pressing forward with his work!

Nate F.

Hey David,
Just wanted to let you know that you’ve done an amazing job with the Rock Solid Relationships course. My growth over the past 2 years ever since I’ve purchased Rock Solid Relationships has drastically increased, especially with the way in which I’ve approached long term relationships.
I must admit that module 7.5 detailing our True Self was the most powerful module for me. Firstly because it helped gain a better understanding of myself and secondly because it I could then figure out what i wanted in a woman. I have filtered out what my core needs along with identifying my protective and managerial parts who were trying to control my exiles. Understanding that the need for significance- like many men, was my core need at the time, i was able to slowly find ways to meet it. Having had a shift through this paradigm, i have slowly been able to understand the underlying needs that have held me back for most of my life and bring them to surface, only to listen to them and get what they want. My only regret till now is why I didn’t come across a coach like you ever since i started “learning” game a decade ago. But i guess that we all must go through a destructive/awakening phase in our lives to ever want to commit to understanding our Higher Selves.
Anyways i would like to end this post by thanking you for the knowledge you have bestowed upon us Millennials, enabling us to make informed/mature decisions throughout our lives.

D. Shetty

Well guys, I FINALLY did it; I joined the Platinum Partnership. Over the last year and a half I’ve been through Invincible, got myself a therapist, and endured a 3month relationship with a narcissist (I credit David for making me even able to realize that).If you would have told me 2yrs ago I would spend a couple thousand on dating/life coaching, I would have laughed all my way to the strip club where I was about to drop a couple hundred dollars, or I would have laughed and went out and bought a new watch, clothes, car parts, or some other kind of toy that I thought would make me happy and/or get women. Looking back at it, none of the stupid shit I bought ever made me happy or got me women, but it was always an excuse why I “couldn’t afford” to get self-help.My journey started out looking for dating help, but it turned into life guidance, which led to therapy, which I never expected. Yes, I still ended up in a relationship with a narcissistic emotional vampire for 3 months, but I also gained the skills to recognize it and leave the relationship.So I took the plunge, and am looking forward to going through ALL the programs. It might take me 2 years to finish everything, but I believe it was the best investment I could have made in myself.”

Don W.

The course, Limitless, is structured and organized well such that it keeps you on task and pushes you for the duration of the program. I found myself having more than enough time to balance the course work with a full time job and other commitments. The materials are all very insightful and honestly changed the way I thought about social situations. There was a huge jump in my emotional intelligence from this course, and I did not feel as though I was memorizing material but rather changing my mindset as was described.

David M.

David Tian is one of (if not thee) best instructors out there for learning what to do and more importantly what not to do when it comes to stepping up in remaking yourself into a more confident you. By focusing on improving your integrity, values and finding your own true voice believe the steps that follow with women will be much more authentic and easier instead of the pickup community’s approach. David learned what to do after the pickup scene and he’s here to show you the next levels. Thank you, David.

Joe C.

I’ve been investing in David’s material for the past few years but when I got Freedom U, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Yes, I thought that it was expensive at first but rest assured that my doubts disappeared as soon as they came in. Why, may you ask? I am still in the early stages of it but before beginning, I skimmed the entire program to see what the roadmap was going to be like and damn… believe me when I say you will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable and life-changing program. What this mammoth of a program offers is of gargantuan value, and you simply won’t regret it. Thank you

Jean-Christophe B.

I took the Rock Solid Relationships course because I was confused about how to approach my long term and long distance relationship at the time, and often had problems managing it and my own emotions. The course introduced me to the concepts of 5 fundamental needs (and 2 higher needs), which was a great framework to think about why and how I feel and react to different things. The course also introduced me to the concept of false self, and how the way I react to things can be consequences of my childhood trauma. Perhaps most directly relevant, it taught me different kinds of relationship patterns (co-dependency, narcissistic, fixer) and let me see how unhappiness and conflicts from my current and past relationships stem from them. At the end of the course, I gained stronger self-awareness… and it let me realize problems I didn’t know before, and motivated me to seek out further therapy. Thanks

Allen Y.

I bought The Rock Solid Relationships course because I’m in a relationships with an amazing woman whom I have a child with and
I want to insure that this relationship will be fulfilling and happy for all of us. In this course David teaches deep psychology about all kinds of things that are important to understand for a successful relationship. Like for example how your childhood traumas have shaped you and how it has affected you and your relationships. I learned so much about myself, about my previous relationships and what to do different in this relationship. Also David emphasizes about the importance of proper parenting so we don’t damage the next generation.


Johnny K.

Best investment I’ve ever made was joining Platinum Partnership! I almost feel guilty for how much I got for such a little price. I feel very fortunate to have access to David’s work. He has made a large and positive impact in my whole life.


Nate F.

You’re bad ass Dr. Tian! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your programs I started 2 years ago. You saved me from a toxic relationship and navigated into a beautiful relationship here in another country and we are still learning each other’s language. Thanks bro!!


Jason F.

Hey guys, transformation ‘from the comfort of your armchair’ is absolutely a real thing. Now that I’ve gone through Dr. Tian’s big courses, I do not have to think at all about being attractive. I just am effortlessly. But it’s not just women, it’s everyone, and the only opinion that matters is mine, which is why it works. Hopefully, for those in his courses you will get past thinking about your attractiveness soon too, because you’re selling yourself way too short if that’s what you’re aiming for. Focus on your psychological and emotional integration and all those other things you might be worrying about will take care of themselves. Ride the best trained ‘elephant’ in the world and your cares won’t be as much of a burden! Good day to you my friends!


Nate F.

The Legendary Coaching Group has helped me to understand how my childhood affects my present and how to handle it in a better way. It has helped me to deal with the negative emotions that came from my past and see my childhood with new eyes. Also, the bonus courses are great and explain the different phases of success. A great service is the weekly live classes where you can ask David Tian questions.


Johnny K.

Rock Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery is probably the most fundamental course I’ve ever taken on anything anywhere. All of David’s courses really go deep but this one especially, goes deep. I learned about what was really blocking my relationships, heck, literally my whole life. This course isn’t just about relationships, it’s about how you fundamentally interact with reality.

The cool thing about the way David teaches is you can go over the content over and over and get new things out of it all the time. Every single time I review it and apply it, my life gets just that much better, because the course is based on a bunch of psychological principles that are deeply true. Rather than a bunch of tactics and techniques, although it includes some of those as well, which are enhanced by the overall context of the course. So clearly I am totally on board with David on this course, I do recommend it if you are interested in trying it out. You won’t regret it.

Andrew R.

Hey David, I hope you are having a great day so far, for I know that I am because of you. I know you most likely get these all the time, but I need you to know my appreciation for your work is impeccable. I know that you must have suffered a lot throughout the years for I have too. It does show in your work sometimes, especially when people ask you questions, I pay a lot of attention and I know you do as well. It really is quite beautiful. I can tell that you really care about what you do and the people you help and it’s truly inspiring, thank you David. Your work has helped so many people, and it actually amazes me how you were able to come up with a way to attract guys into your world/business with the promise of getting women. I too have fallen for that hook, line and sinker (if people still say that lol) it’s funny how stupid I realized I was. You must know by now, that most guys come to you with the wrong ideas in their heads about various things. The dark triad is a great way to dispose of those ideas, and I’m really surprised when you called out the fakers including me. It was so deep, in fact, I convinced myself that I wasn’t a codependent narcissist. You calling out the guys (PUA and red pill types) put me into a position where I would have been in denial by not confronting that part of me. Thank you again David, you don’t know how much you helped me and so many others.

I will continue to review your ideas and test them in action for I too have a goal of helping men just like you do. The fact that you were able to grow your business to the point where you willingly give out free courses to guys in need actually brings tears to my eyes man. You taught me that true fulfillment comes from helping out the little guys and just spreading love anyway you can. I know now a little more about what it means to be a man thanks to you. In my daily life now, I think what would so and so do usually referring to you or Theodore Roosevelt and many others who I won’t name.

You truly are a MAN and I will continue to MAN UP with all of you guys.

In honor of you David Tian, PhD. lol I vow to become a great man so that I can inspire other men to do the same as you and many before you have.

Cayden L.

David Tian, I am certainly grateful for having come across you and your programs. Before your programs, I suffered depression and then my marriage ended. At the beginning of this year, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and formulated my ‘exit strategy’. I couldn’t see a future at all, couldn’t tell you what I’d be doing 12 months from now. But because of your programs, I have a new lease on life. I purchased a couple of your programs recently and, mate, it’s given me DRIVE (no pun intended) to get my shit together and get my arse into gear. So thank you, David Tian, I owe you a beer or 20. Cheers!

Philipp B.

Just want to put this out there: David is a legend. I took his course nearly 5 years ago and although I haven’t really needed anything else since then, what he taught, will like full on Mr. Miyagi you. The seeds that he plants in your head take you down a journey that fully accommodates you for where you are in life so that you can evolve as a human being.

I often think back about the pivotal moments that changed my life growing up. A mentor here, an epiphany there, but two big lessons that David taught me through his teachings have really made me into a much more capable, open minded, and compassionate human being. David knows what he’s doing, and believe you’ll come out the other side doing everything you’ve ever wanted.

Omar M.

I found David’s Total Transformation Collection very rewarding, as it made me realize aspects about myself that I know I have to work on. After years of struggling with psychological problems and not being able to find the answers I have been looking for, finally, I have found content that is giving me the tools I need to propel me forward and help me to live a more fulfilling life.

Best regards, Tony 

Tony P.

David Tian is a Guru Like NO OTHER! He understands, explains, and motivates me to go out and meet new Women. Based on changing my core beliefs and understanding, or differences in Male and Female Psychology.
Every lesson is carefully calibrated to pack 1000X value into the time spent learning the material. The focus is on making life changes that give me knowledge to go out and do the work to become better with woman and more successful in life. Thank you David Tian, for when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Forever Grateful!

Douglas R.

Legendary is an amazing course for guys that are just beginning their therapeutic path. Legendary has gotten me to go see a therapist and work through my past traumas and reasons why I have toxic shame. The course includes a few other bonus courses that lead you through different types of energies that will help guide you through life. David is also a huge believer in meditation which you will experience throughout the course, stick with it, because meditation has changed the way I approach life. This course has changed the direction of my life and I am extremely grateful. Thanks, David!

Jason L.

I wanted to share a couple of “breakthroughs” I’ve experienced from starting David Tian’s Legendary Group. So, my first “breakthrough” is that I have been talking to more people. It sounds sort of insignificant when I say it like that, but it’s huge for me. In these past few weeks, I’ve reconnected with two of my ex-girlfriends, with whom I had failed relationships with. Thanks to David’s stuff, I’ve been able to let go of the past and be with them as friends… I’ve also reconnected with an old childhood friend that is also a wonderful person, but I let my narcissism and self-esteem issues ruin our friendship. It was incredible to hang out with him again, “bullshit free”… I randomly check in on people I care about. I feel much more able to connect with people since I’ve been getting better at loving myself. I’m more and more comfortable with expressing my truth, which brings me to my second breakthrough.

Breakthrough number two is that I believe that I’m starting to understand the “true self” concept… After implementing David’s suggestions, I’m beginning to I feel more like my true self more consistently throughout the week. I feel good, I feel happy, content, able to express my truth without much fear of how others will judge me. I feel free. I feel like everything is ok, and even if objectively nothing is ok, that’s ok too. That sentence sounded stupid as fuck, but it really does describe the feeling. I’ve spent so much of my life so far feeling absolutely awful, seemingly for no good reason at all, although the reasons are becoming clearer and clearer these days… I’m looking forward to hopefully having several decades of living on this earth while having increasingly more and longer “glimpses” of those good, true self, pocket-full-of-sunshine moments, instead of feeling absolutely fucking awful and overflowing with darkness all the time. I use to scare myself with how dark I could become; luckily I don’t feel that way as much anymore.

So, thank you David for your guidance. My life is becoming much more enjoyable, and your work continues to play a very big part in that. Cheers man, thank you. You’re fucking awesome

Sebastian D.

Hey, I just finished all of FreedomU!!! Huge thank you to David Tian for this course and all the support you gave. Since beginning FreedomU and at around the same time undergoing IFS therapy, I have grown so much more present and reassured about myself. Other people have taken notice of this and I’m seeing many positive changes in my dating, social and work life. I’m much more comfortable around attractive women, can enjoy myself better in social circles, and have taken on bigger leadership roles in work. I’d recommend the course to anyone who wants to grow from the inside out.

Ben Z.

I’m 22 years old from Canada. What I’ve learned in my first month in the Legendary Coaching Group, and from David’s content in general, is my understanding that love is not transactional. I also realized that everything that I had accomplished in my life thus far was driven by a need for significance; I was using self-hate as fuel and working as hard as I could to achieve, because deep down I did not feel “good enough to get love”. I thought that I could fix that “problem” by accomplishing more, by creating more value within myself so that other people would give me more love.
The book analysis he did of “Flowers for Algernon” (which I read for English class in high school but did not realize the lessons that David pointed out) as well as “Learning to Love Yourself” were very helpful to me in coming to these realizations.
My limiting belief that I used in the Drive bonus course (I’m having a good laugh to myself remembering the silly voice I used during the exercise) was “People give love to you because you provide value to them, and I don’t currently have enough value to get love”.
One other realization that I’ve come to is that I’ve been avoiding being in my warrior/knight energy lately, because intense self-hatred was always such a big part of how I was able to access that energy in the past. I was tired of the self hate and I didn’t know how to access my productivity without it, so I avoided productivity. Realizing this, doing the Drive bonus course, and reading “Learning to Love Yourself” has allowed me to step back into my warrior energy, while also loving myself. I didn’t think that this was possible, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. For the past three days in a row, I’ve gone for a morning jog (I haven’t been exercising at all for the past few months or so) followed by a cold shower or ice bath. Instead of my internal dialogue being something like “come on you pathetic fuck, keep running, you fat piece of shit, you better keep pushing you lazy motherfucker! People won’t value you if you keep being a lazy fat-ass!” my internal dialogue was more like “I love you. Keep pushing! You’re doing great. I love you for how much you’re pushing yourself right now, I think you can push just a little bit more!”. I felt a lightness, a sense of space, a warm sort of fuzzy feeling throughout my body from this self love I was giving myself. From that place, it felt much easier to push myself more.
Thank you David for the work that you do. Life is becoming better already after this first month of Legendary, and after about two months of watching your YouTube content and free Masterclasses. I am so grateful!

Sebastian D.

Hi David, I have been watching and learning a lot about life from your sessions. I’ve taken time to implement what it takes to make a difference in my life… It’s been a blessing for me and my family to have come across you and your team. Your down to earth way of explaining what men go through and understanding the finer points of change that needs to be made in my life has been huge. My potential to lift myself out of the darkness and I have a new courage and determination to live life to the fullest again. I’m so grateful, so so grateful to have you in my life. Keep up the good work and I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart this single Dad is a changed man. Thanks heaps. God bless.

Andrew B.

Rock Solid Relationships and the Legendary Coaching Group have been amazing so far, intellectually, emotionally and practically.

Kenneth C.

G’day David, I want to tell you how much Rock Solid Relationships has changed my life, already. Your Rock Solid Relationship course has been to the core, awesome. In particular, I want to share this – one of the initial therapeutic meditations brought up some emotion, some real “Jase it’s time to wake the fuck up” moments. I cried, I cried deeply… sobbing and owning it all. Afterwards, I had yelled and screamed YES, it was like a new beginning… but wait there is more…. the very next module, the guided meditation brought up some more emotion and I saw it as a sign from the god within my soul and the universe (and David Tian:)) to wake up. Step up and be the man I was meant to be. It was truly life changing. I work at Sea and this Covoid-19 thing has meant us Seafarers are working longer swings and away from our families… your RSR course has supported me and healed many wounds of insecurities so far. I can say that our marriage has never felt more alive, both on the phone and when I’m home for my 6 weeks at a time. The fun is back, I’m laughing more, I am the fucking prize and no longer do I feel the “need” to pursue her. And in turn… when I came back to the ship, my wife sent me a message saying how much she will miss me and how much of an amazing man, husband, and father I am becoming… anyway… my journey continues, I’ve still not finished the course, I’ve a few more modules. Once again, honor to you for the tireless work you do to support the boys to becoming men in this world. We sure need it. Aho! and much love brother.

Jase P.

I am currently enrolled in the Total Transformation Collection which compromises of four courses – Drive, Heart, Purpose and True Self. This course is helping me to change the way I interact with females and friends and how I fit in with my present social setting.

Bill R.

Lifestyle Mastery has made me more conscious of my old programming and shines a light towards new exciting possibilities. Got inspired to start therapy, yoga and meditation and haven’t looked back since. Completing the introspective work (while challenging at times) was an ultimately liberating process that has allowed me to reassess my priorities and reconnect with my true self. I now have a better understanding of my blockages / limiting beliefs and generally feel a greater sense of inner peace and clarity. This course is such a huge paradigm shift and I’m excited to visit it again down the road. Thank you David!

Ernest Y.

Thank you so f*cking much for your work. I cannot express how much I value what you do. I’m in tears typing out this email, just because I feel so fortunate to be able to learn the things that you teach. I feel an enormous weight lifted off me, because I believe your work will eventually allow me to overcome the truly toxic feelings I have developed towards being intimate with women.

Sebastian D.

The Legendary Coaching Group is David Tian’s awesome guide to anybody that is seeking personal growth in areas like motivation, purpose, masculinity, dating, and relationships. The core program is based around 5 progressive phases of mastering life. David does a great job at describing each stage and provides you with the necessary action steps and psychotherapeutic process to help you achieve the milestones of each stage. The program also includes guided meditations, bonus courses, and David’s streaming podcast style sessions for Q&A and provides awesome book reviews to dive even deeper into the coursework. The entire program is great and effective particularly if you do the work. I would recommend it to anybody that is just starting their adult lives in their 20s, all the way to 40+ year old divorcees who are looking to get back to dating and getting into their next relationship.

Morris M.

I came from a PUA type background but I found they didn’t know how to approach emotions or the deeper-level elements of psychology that you need to understand for things to be easy and straightforward. A lot of these old concepts like “bitch shields” are simply surface level knowledge until you understand the deeper-level psychology, most importantly your own psychology. But David doesn’t do it in an intellectual way like you might expect, he does it instead at an experiential level. This course is what I had in mind many years ago when I first ran into PUA and dating, but I didn’t find it until now several years later. I only found surface-level courses, or the ones that did try to address deeper psychology but didn’t know what they were talking about, which makes sense considering the questionable emotional health of the progenitors of those courses. Don’t bother with other courses until you have done this one first. The magic of this course is it gives the context you need to put other courses in their place, unless of course you decide to choose another Aura course, in which case you’ll get the same benefit. This is it, chief.

Andrew S.

David Tian, your experiences in life with emotional pain and your ability in negotiating your obstacles to learn and grow through pain and pleasure and still be able to translate that into your current world today to help others has been a blessing to me. You have no idea how much self discovery I have been able to harness on a daily basis from my old toxic relationship into my new life of love and self discovery all because of your courses, which have been priceless… You are correct brother, love is the most powerful invisible force in this universe and just want to thank the universe for having me find your wisdom and being of knowledge to share with the world. My experience of love has been amazing and filled with adventure, growth, everlasting learning and true happiness… although I know this is just the tip of the ice burg I look forward to learning s’more until the end of time! Thank you!!

Jason F.

One of the most important lesson I’ve learned following David Tian’s programs is that I do have traumas in my life. And by recognizing and addressing the parts created by these traumas, allows me to love more openly and to love myself and not hold myself to a standard that is not obtainable. And that I don’t have to be perfect and my true self is my best self and I’m enough. These changes in mindset has me meeting high quality women. Women that are goal oriented, hardworking, fun to be with, happy, beautiful women. More importantly, my confidence that I lost has returned and improving with work and training. Thanks David.

Shannon B.

When I started doing and still do the embodied cognition meditative exercises, therapeutic processes, and meditations from your online courses. I started feeling subtle but steady shifts in my mind towards calmness and clarity of mind. Also the ability to control my body and its inner state. All of which I consider very helpful and important in my relationship and my life!

Martin D.

I understand many people don’t understand why a female would be so invested in a relationships program designed for men as I have. I have been thirsty and committed to learning and growing since I first learned about David Tian’s materials about two years ago.

Not only did the materials help me get through a difficult time, they helped fulfill my desire to be a strong role model for my son and help him as he matures. Now, the fruits of my learning have spread among the people I love dearly… even to my father and beyond…

Please know, you are not just investing in yourself when you work through these materials, but you are unknowingly positively infecting everyone you come in contact with.

Andrea S.

Thank you David Tian! My response to my recent challenges is a true testament to the strength and validity of my personal growth and improvement from taking David’s Freedom U Online program and his other courses.  Not only do I have understanding of myself, my psychology, and relationships, I am now a person who takes actions toward desired outcomes and welcomes difficult times.  David has taught me a new perspective, the amazing value of struggle.  I reflect and witness a new strength that comes from within. I am no longer a victim of my circumstances wishing things would change.  Sometimes I am in awe of what I can do compared to previously. I find myself celebrating and feeling excited. Not to say that I am perfect, sometimes I catch my unconscious brain trying to cope with my stress in previous non-productive ways.  Sometimes I give in and cope non-productively. Afterwards I forgive myself, tell myself I will do better next time, and remind myself we are what we do, as motivation. Having more positive actions define us more than one negative slip up. Having a meditation and exercise schedule has also definitely built strength and calm within. David, you are greatly appreciated.

Andrea S.

The course, Limitless provides you with countless mindsets and tactics to have true success when it comes to women and your sex-life. Although, I do recommend you take a course for the inner-work first, otherwise you probably will fail in serious or a long-term relationship.

Sandro B.

Rock Solid Relationships has been a life changing experience for me, and I’m very grateful that I found it and had the opportunity to go through it. I started this course in a marriage on the rocks. We’re now closer and more passionate than we have been in a long time. When I started, I was terrified of the idea of having a child, for numerous reasons. Now I’m excited about the idea. It’s hard to verbalise the differences that I feel versus when I started, but I would describe it as a lightness, inner peace, inner strength, freedom, and a vibrancy of energy and love for myself and life in general.

The progress has been truly fulfilling. I know that life will throw more challenges at me, but I know that I can face them, succeed, fail, learn, lead, and grow as a result. Thanks to David and the community for this awesome experience. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Mike H.

A little about me… I’m 52 and have had a pretty wild life so far… I was a professional working actor for 8 yrs (Film/TV/Stage). Quit acting and got into sports marketing selling corporate hospitality to all the major sporting events in my country. Got real good real quick at sales… So, why David Tian? Put me in a boardroom with a 9 figure deal on the table and I’m your guy – put me in a pub fight with a bunch of big hairy tough guys and I’ll be the one walking out alive – ask me to start a conversation with an attractive, sexy, charming woman.. and I turn to absolute water.. I just have no idea!!! So I started looking at Youtube PUA’s and I was shocked!!! I got to tell ya, what a bunch of juvenile sleazy dirtbags, lol, but they could do something I could never do; they could talk to women.

So I persisted, looking at various dating coaches and found one or two that were actually good men that I could admire. I found David’s work and was blown away. I think his background as a Christian missionary, a professor of Chinese philosophy, a product of both eastern and western cultures, a PUA himself, and then David’s journey into therapy has given him an absolute wealth of experience and insight and has put him in a unique position of being one of the most well rounded, fully integrated and complete men i’ve ever listened to. The clincher was the Internal Family Systems Therapy. That shit really hit home and that’s the reason I’m here. So, Thanks David!!!

Nick J.

David Tian’s courses could easily cost twice as much if not more, the amount of information given is nothing I’ve ever seen.

Don W.

Thank you David for sharing! I know your journey that lead you to today has been challenging and full of experiences that many would not be able to handle however, I am very grateful of you being able to express, share and translate those into teachings that we can understand and learn from. You have been an incredible influence on my journey through heartbreaks to life and happiness after the storm.. you have helped me realise that once you conquer the need to conquer the world… you can then find that REAL inner peace and happiness inside that shines no matter what the environment outside of your mind creates!

Jason F.

David’s Platinum Partnership is the greatest investment I’ve ever made.

Neil B.

I can’t stress enough the importance and effectiveness of doing David’s programs, meditations, and action sheets. Honestly, I came into this group at a time where I wasn’t sure if my marriage was going to last. I was looking for a community where I might be able to talk some of that out. Instead, I dug into the programs (Rock Solid Relationships and the Legendary Coaching Group). Now after 2 months, my wife and I are happier than we have been in a long time and are talking about starting a family when this global situation matures. The information is available, and the programs work!

Mike H.

During this time of the coronavirus, I am in quarantine with the love of my life, thanks to David Tian!! We’ve been together 6 months now and she is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Phil S.

Thanks again David Tian for guiding me to myself and helping attract the most amazing partner in my life and thanks to your help, during this time of the coronavirus, I’m in quarantine with my future wife! Love you brother and hope the best life for you and yours!

Jason F.

First thanks to David, you made another fantastic course for men, ROCK SOLID RELATIONSHIPS. This is like a university course both in scale and quality. There is a massive amount of information all packed in here. I won’t lie, it takes a lot of time and effort to implement in a person. But I really love this program, it’s not just about “How to get a girl at a club” or bar or on a street. This is all about enhancing your relationship for long. Just having sex with a girl leads to nothing. Yeah, it may lead to feeling that you are awesome or things like that. But after time it is no use at all. On the other hand, what David is teaching here lasts long and means something more than just having sex. It costs you a lot but I’m hell sure it is worth it.

Hyun J.

I can’t stress enough on how amazing the ROCK SOLID RELATIONSHIPS program is. I’ve spent a lot of time looking for answers to things on a more deeper level, and luckily I came across David Tian. There are so many things that he teaches in this course that most men have not realised about themselves, and by pointing them out and helping us understand what our real issues are, it becomes so much easier when it comes to making positive changes. Before finding out about David, I was always looking for an answer to the various problems within myself, and became frustrated because I couldn’t get to the bottom of it. If you aren’t yet convinced, I really suggest you check him out. The knowledge he provides is so invaluable and life changing. Thanks a lot David, for being able to share this knowledge.

Kevin W.

I am a long time student of David’s- he has staked the claim as my go-to mentor for being a better man and he should be yours too.
In his ROCK SOLID RELATIONSHIPS course, he will open your eyes to what is really required in order for a relationship to last. He helped me get better with women and date my first girlfriend with his initial programs “The Desire System” and “Emotional Activation”. We had been together for 3.5 years but things got rocky and the relationship has come to a halt. I was lost and wanted more answers, so I sought out David again to help me understand what my flaws were in the relationship and how I can become better moving forward.
The module about masculine polarity offers amazing insights as to how relationships can deteriorate over time. David’s courses are essentially compact lessons from his own life experiences as well as his recommended readings from his website, all summed up into video format. Great course to invest in if you want to better yourself and understand how to truly flourish in your relationships.

Philip C.

Man, love your stuff Dr. Tian!!

I have several of your courses, and the value for price is astonishing!
They’re literally stuffed with actual content — all the necessary knowledge without fluff, and clear, specific, actionable steps to follow. What do I love the most?
— Your story, from your initial “game” success, your subsequent struggles, and the transformation that followed, proves your personal experience. Which is important, but not unique. (Perhaps the transition from Aura Dating to a more balanced, healthier, and more effective curriculum IS unique. It certainly suggests you’re trustworthy.)

— The #1 Most Impressive Quality about your content (IMO) is that you teach from solid, scientifically supported sources.
I don’t need to hope your lessons will help me improve my own life because your life happened to improve when you made these changes.
I have confidence knowing that extensive and rigorous clinical research indicates such an effort causes the very benefit I so desire. I was inspired to share this because the content you’ve been putting out is full of science-based action steps, which is what your courses are packed with (podcasts & other free content included.)

Scott W.

I just got done watching David’s Masterclass series and I have to say, really good stuff. I came across David’s short video on character about a year ago and at that time didn’t realise he had so much other good material. I have spent the past while watching various youtube videos such as Modern Mating 1-4 and Fixer Mindset White Knight Syndrome. The analysis of red pill and Rollo’s work was also very enlightening. Just like “not all men are cheaters and liars”, “not all women are hypergamous” and people have the ability to mature and make different choices. You cannot apply a symptom or a classification to an entire population, there will always be exceptions no matter how statistically small. David’s material is some of the best out there hands down. Short term hookups have always come easy for me, but the long term stuff is where I have struggled, primarily from choosing bad partners. That’s my problem. His material basically pulled me out of going down the road of red pill or MGTOW. As a recovering nice guy saver fixer, the greatest lesson I learned over last while is that, although I am a work in progress, I am ok as I am. It has been an undeniable relief for me. I can attract women as I am. I don’t need to be aloof, or alpha, or play games to attract what I want. I need to be myself. My roots of trying to please and save go back to my abusive childhood where I tried to appease my abusers so they would not hurt me or at the very least love me. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. However, I can be a kind good person and that’s ok. I can give and nurture and be kind, but not at my own expense. These have been an incredible breakthroughs for me. I will continue to review the materials that are offered. Best of luck to all of you having the courage to do the work to make yourselves better and stop the toxic repetition. David, thank you so much for all you do.

Jesse J.

This is absolutely the golden truth here… After my divorce and many dates following David’s knowledge.. I’ve found that what he says in his courses nails it! And the amazing woman that I found doesn’t even speak my language.. but our hearts speak identical languages!! David Tian, you are by far the best world of wisdom and knowledge to absorb! Thanks brother!

Jason F.

If there’s one thing that you always carry with you, it needs to be this.

Out of the hours and days of David’s videos and audio that I’ve watched and listened to, his one video on self awareness was so powerful that I credit that one piece of wisdom with getting me to where I am in life now.
When I first found David’s content almost three years ago, I had just been kicked to the curb by the woman that I thought was “the one.” I was absolutely crushed. Heartbroken beyond belief. And there were many days where I found repair and healing through a lot of David’s videos, which I coupled with my personal religion.
I learned how to recover from my heartbreak, how to fully understand how a relationship functions and what went wrong, and how to become a proper and healthy masculine figure (If I listed everything that I took away from David’s content, this would be 6 times as long).
But that one talk on self awareness was what turned life around for me.
Now, because of a lot of David’s wisdom, I’m in a long term, healthy, stable, fulfilling relationship with an amazing girl, I have a great job, thriving social life and life is enjoyable again!
Do yourself a huge favour and go find David’s video on self awareness and watch it intently!
The man truly knows what he’s talking about.

Aaron M.

Love your work, David! Thank you so much for all of the people you impact and the lives you change. Not sure if you hear that enough, but it’s always awesome to hear it more! In my own life a major reason why my recent relationships have gone so well is because of your teachings, so thank you.

Daniel L.

Courses like HEART and especially the course Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery (RSR&MM) will help you to gain key insights into the deeper reasons for success and failure in a relationship. They have helped me a lot. Freedom U was a fantastic course that greatly helped me understand my own psychology and that of others (like my ex) as well.

I also recommend all of David’s free masterclasses. His Masterclass on the red flags to look out for has helped me more and more lately. I have gotten more experienced at recognising people who are highly driven by significance as well as people who fall more in line with my values thanks to all of David’s material. Therapy and David’s material have helped me to develop the self-love and acceptance that allows me to not settle for superficial relationships with those who don’t have similar values. I’ve noticed that my relationships with those who values match mine have gotten even deeper and even more fulfilling while I’ve started to move away from my old significance driven peer group. Hope my experience provides some insight for you.

Brenden R.

I wanna thank David for the amazing material that is presented in the modules. I am very happy that I met David through youtube.

I gained a lot insights that are life-changing. Before the course, I was quite needy and did not know that my boundaries were getting crossed. I did not know why I could not get anyone’s respect or friendship. After watching the videos it is quite clear to me that I was a neurotic nice guy. I did not respect my own time, I just let people make decisions for me and I was not even aware of it. Another by-product of being a nice guy was that I was scared of authority figures or people that were very dominant and straight with their needs and values.

I also learned a lot about shame and how that ties in with toxic parents, and being aware of that fact made me realise I was getting influenced by my parents all time. Therefore I did not really had to think much about making decisions and thinking critically about my values and needs. So I just got sorta manipulated by my parents (boundary violation).

After watching the module toxic parents made me realise that my parents are also human and want the best for me. But I also need to stand my ground and meet my own needs as a human being. As of right now, I am paying very close attention to my needs and values.
My biggest take-away from my first time through is the fact that I did not love myself enough. Which therefore resulted in the “Nice guy syndrome” and made my life very unfulfilling.

Some of my action points and takeaways summed up:
I started meditating two times a day for 20 mins. I am aware of the tendency that I am attracted to Manic Pixie dream girl. I am aware of my patterns as an anxious person and try to be more secure and open to other people. I try to assert my needs in an objective and calm way, so that I have strong boundaries. I made the decision to leave the house when I have found myself a job after graduation. I will view my obstacle as building blocks for my success.

Melvin Z.

If you’re looking for guidance in setting your life on a new course, look no further! David’s in-depth lectures and guided meditations will definitely help you in the thought process and help you in setting that new course in Lifestyle Mastery.

Oskari L.

The effects of the courses in Platinum Partnership, especially when going through them once more, has reverberated throughout my life.

The key things to ask yourself are: What are you in it for? Why? What do you hope to discover? How do you hope to live? What are you willing to put into this to help you achieve these goals?

Once you know these things, progress in the courses will help you achieve these things. They will work in the background as you progress, because the more action you take, the more you take seriously the goals you set yourself, and the more transformation you experience – even before the guided meditations take effect.

So my advice is for you to aim high. To believe. To trust and have faith in the process. What you tell yourself this course will give you is what you’ll get out of it.

So simply give it your best, and believe David when he says the courses will bring you the things you seek.

S.Y. Chin

The most important takeaway from the time I’ve spent in Aura as a Platinum Partner, would be better emotional self awareness, behavioural control, and understanding of social interactions. When I started Aura, I would immediately feel defeated when I would see a girl I thought was attractive. I would both stare at her and avoid her at all costs. I got into a lot of trouble at work for a few years because of this bad behaviour “that I couldn’t control.” I was also afraid of everything…

Now – I jumped out of an airplane, tried riding a motorcycle (failed the class but I lasted 4 hours and really enjoyed it when I was doing okay), I eat vegetables and like it, I asked out my co-worker I had a crush on for over a year (she turned out to be married but we ended up becoming good friends – totally worth it), I’m casually dating girls relatively effortlessly (I’ve had some really fast pulls in both day and night game).
I’m finally (literally started this during the program) building a business and my referrals and marketing is starting to kick in, and I’m going to night clubs and sitting back as guys try and fail to “steal my girl”, despite having a speech impairment and hearing loss. I was convinced I could never go to night clubs because I had so many bad experiences and no one could hear me, and I broke those beliefs in some really damn loud night clubs. I still have challenges overall, but I’m confident I can overcome it or go around it.

That’s probably the most important thing – its not like sexy confidence, but its more like laid back confidence.

Mike R.

I work with an amazing life coach named David Tian, who has extensive and thorough research and training, and personal experience…

One of my favourite quotes from him: “Sadness is energy we discharge in order to heal.”

I am eternally grateful to have found a life coach who pulls together deep and useful wisdom from philosophy (ancient and modern), cognitive science, clinical psychology (which he gets constant training in), and the humanities (which he is a former professor of)… who is able to draw on the insights of a lot of brilliant thinkers who have existed throughout the ages (in ancient China, India, Greece, and, yes, “the West”).

We are finally pulling together all of this stuff and demystifying the human condition thanks to people like him.

Greg V.

Lifestyle Mastery is very advanced, especially for my age and my knowledge. I loved the part with rewriting my story of my life. It was very very good. It’s a very interesting course with lots of good knowledge for the long-term. I will come back to it. In the end, it gave me a great look on how society works… Many great insights to check what do I really want in life.

Sandro B.

Exceeded my expectations. It was straight to the point on the classes, full of content and the guided meditations and exercises were also all very fun and pretty life-changing.

Lucas S.

When I started Limitless as my first program, I was pretty excited and had amazing results. I liked Module 5 the most because it came straight to possible fast changes to make a difference.

Sandro B.

Freedom U Online has been a fascinating program full of profound and mentally stimulating content but its greatest strength is it’s meditative exercises on various concepts ranging from finding your motivation and drive to cultivating self love and acceptance. These exercises are the mental equivalent to training at the gym as they take you deep into your unconscious and test your mental capabilities and from this overload you reach new insights into life and break away from destructive mental habits.

David’s charismatic character is very enjoyable to listen and learn from. His wide range of thoughts on issues within society, dating, education, literature and technology are inspiring and often paradigm shifting.

Highly Recommend.

Paul H.

It exceeded my expectations. I came into Drive thinking that I would use it simply as a way to take action on dreams and passions that I have been putting off, but found (as with most of the courses) it wasn’t taking the action that was what was holding me back, but rather my own personal beliefs and internal doubts…ultimately addressing the underlying issues makes the actual action extremely easy.

I am very pleased with this course. It offered great insights into my own needs, values, but most importantly it helped me identify and destroy destructive patterns. It just so happened there was a moment in my life that I was dangerously close to heading down a very destructive path. And it was in that moment that something was telling me to log back into this program and just do the next module. It was the destroying destructive patterns meditation and it had a profound effect on my life.

I am so grateful for having had this as a tool to make the right course correction and move forward and grow. I am very thankful for having signed up for this course.

Jeffrey E.

Drive. Short but intense. Yes, exceeded my expectations like always I can say. These guided meditations are so deep and intense and David explanations are superb. The feeling is as you are in virtual reality.

Jon B.

I am 45 years young and an avid martial arts enthusiast. I am married with two daughters and live in New York City. I have been a Platinum Member of David’s for several years now and have gotten through several online courses of his. You should become a Platinum Member first chance you get. I’ve never gotten more for my money with anything else I have purchased.

John B.

I’m 37yrs old,

Got into Dr. Tian’s Coaching Group for a couple months where it became obvious that I needed a therapist with all the course work I was doing as well as the additional books David had assigned I finally got my ass into therapy at his constant behest lol…

Changed my life! This past year has been my best year by far and this year although there have been some work struggles and some seasonal depression I have struggled…overall, my health game has been on point, my mental fitness has been 80% or better all year long, my marriage is thriving and my relationship with my kids is fantastic. I am present, engaged, and operating at a phenomenally better way today then I was 2 yrs ago…

I’m now investing in even more training with David. Why? Because I know I can be even better and continue to learn and improve… I desire to stay learning and growth based and be in an even better position to not just help myself… I want to help others too!

Dave A.

First of all, thank you David for this incredible opportunity for personal development that you’ve created.

Secondly, the material is direct and even medicinal if it’s value. The fact that you’re willing to present so much for free shows and impeccable character based on reality and genuineness.

Lastly, I wish for the spirit of God to continue to perpetually move through you. There is something going on here that is truly empowering for everyone willing to change and to the degree that is willing to change.

Looking forward to learning and growing even more based on your material.

James F.

Lifestyle Mastery is a course that will transform you into an integrated and valuable person. It will also teach you how to live a meaningful life.


Roberto G.

Hi David,

I don’t normally do this, matter of fact, I’ve never done this, especially to a complete stranger, but I just wanted to say; THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for the live 3-day coaching, and THANK YOU for the free material.

I just got out of a 2 month “situationship” (I’d guess you could call it) that started out great, then went from 150-0 faster than if you saw a Cop. I’ve had access to your free material since December, but I was just too lazy to view it. I ironically found out about you from an old PUA e-mail I got about your old “Desire System.” I Googled you, saw some more of your most recent videos, and that’s how I found the Man UP group; I’ve been following you ever since.

Speaking of PUA, it FUCKED ME UP when I was younger. I didn’t help my underlying issues, instead it exacerbated them.


I’ve gotten to your “How To Get Your Ex Back” video, and I already feel like a different man.

Your videos felt like they were talking to me directly, like you knew me personally and my struggles. I KNOW what my issue(s) are, I KNOW what my “triggers” are, I KNOW what my “trauma” is, and “what” caused it, I KNOW “what” I have to do, but until your videos, I DIDN’T know “how” to do it.

Until now.

I don’t know why I waited so long to watch your videos, maybe it was because they were free (cost/worth), and I didn’t value them; maybe I just wasn’t ready to hear the truth. You said a lot of things I didn’t like, not because I thought you were being cruel and attacking, but because what you were saying was true. I’ve done psychotherapy a couple times when I was younger, and it NEVER worked; I always felt smarter than the Therapist, and like they just couldn’t relate to me. I like that you curse, and I guess I just needed someone to call me a fucking pussy for me to finally make a change. For someone to stop coddling me, and to make me face shit for once.

So I just wanted to thank you, and let you know that your work is extremely appreciated, and that you are making a difference. I just recently bought a house, so sadly I couldn’t join PP this time, but as soon as I pay off some things from the house, I’m going to join your Platinum Partnership and invest in myself.

I FINALLY feel like someone gets me, and I THANK YOU for what you do.

Don W.

Thanks for everything David! I am currently enjoying life with a beautiful girl thanks to your knowledge. I’ve found a very secure, confident and successful girl who loves when I take control, while remaining a gentleman.

I focus every day on giving love for the sake of giving it without any expectation in return. It’s a very liberating feeling and pays dividends in the relationship. Our children also have the opportunity to see what love is between partners, and can use that as a benchmark for their standards when looking for a partner themselves!

Patrick G.

I just want to thank you for putting together this course. I have looked for help in the past and to be honest it didn’t have the moral content which is in your course which actually makes you think deeply about past experiences goals and morals. I have gone through it once and plan to do it again and again.

The information is so spot on that I find myself triggering my friends without intending to jus by explaining a few concepts and ideas I’ve learnt (it triggers people because it resonates with them)

Thanks again as you’ve mentioned, it’s basically 13 years of your life. I will surely be hanging around on your site for years to come.

Take care of yourself and thanks again man!

Sydney T.

David Tian, I wanted to take a moment and write this. Your videos have truly helped me in more ways than one and it has inspired me to find a way to help others in the way that you’ve helped me. Perhaps, I won’t be a men’s development coach like you but I know that I want to help other men and women because of your videos.

So, thank you for helping me come to this realisation. Gentlemen, please don’t just watch David’s videos, apply them. He’s given us a great platform and great content.

Have a good day wherever you are, fellas.

Giuseppe G.

Hi David,
Wanted to say thank you to you!

I’m at Oxford University, sports captain there, was into PUA on the side. Always wanting to be the best.

Last year I experienced depression and kept telling myself push through, push through. I realised I was on a really inauthentic path, trying to beat out everybody else all the time.

I went home and immediately engaged on the path of being a PUA, thinking it would bring me joy. I was getting better but it never felt quite right. Out 6 days a week, field report etc.

I then came across your video about game and watched your entire video series of “Why game is fucking us up”, “Practical psychology for extraordinary living” and the preceding series to the practical psychology one.

It has put everything in my mind together and it is astounding how one person can really have such an effect on my life.

I’m so grateful to have come across your work and today I have nothing to say but thank you, David.

In the community that I was deep into, it’s full of guys like me, good, well meaning guys and am trying to spread your work there in there. It will help a lot of people.

All the best,


Hey David , the point of this message is that i really want to thank you because your videos made me so much more aware of my emotions and why i was feeling such emotions, your ManUp videos have taught me so much about myself and it helped me begin my journey of therapy and understanding the world around me. Cliche as it sounds, you have changed my life. Looking forward to learn even more from you.

Jessie L.

Amazing products, so much knowledge to gain from these lectures. A different prospective. Would recommend this course to anybody.

Michael M.

So just one day after doing the rest of module 6, I’ve noticed a lot of feelings that have resurfaced related to my guilt that is centred around how I treated my significant other. I had an appointment with my psychotherapist today and for the first time, I was able to open up and do the grief work for that issue. It was an extremely productive session that gained me many insights and I feel gave me a more fulfilling sense of closure on this issue. My psychotherapist said that me going through Freedom U alongside the therapy has been extremely helpful. I’m glad I took the leap investing in myself with Freedom U and I hope that more men take the step forward to growing through these therapeutic processes. Thanks David!

Brenden S.

The Good
Best inner game & confidence course to date. Takes big strides to making a difficult area more practical and easily implemented.

The Bottom Line
If you can afford it, this is the top course in the inner game & confidence area. Excels in giving you clear practical advice and exercises to implement the work. Highly recommended if you’re serious about changing your dating life permanently.

Relevant to pretty much everyone – one caveat: Men who understand or are openminded as to the importance of inner game and state, and ready to put their faith in a process to get them there will get the most value from this course.

Vincent T.

Hello David,
Just wanted to say thanks. This is some awesome material that makes perfect sense. Although it is a little challenging, it’s the right way to go. Because we need to be challenged in life in order to grow. Just as you explained. I have been studying the module 1 and put it into practice, I’m getting the confidence in approaching women. I was very nervous and fearful at first. I have asked out 3 women so far, with the approach technique you have showed us in the free master class, a long with the naming effect. 2 of them turned me down because they had a boyfriend, but were real surprised that I approached them. They politely said” 1st off, thank you ” with a big smile on her face, and then she told me she would but she has a boyfriend. The 3rd was my yoga instructor. She would have said yes also, but politely said she had to keep it professional with her students.

So overall it was pretty nerve wrecking ,but I had the confidence to do it and didn’t focus on their validation. I just brushed it off like it were nothing. I feel like the rejection part was necessary so that, I could build my immune system, sort of speak. That way it won’t faze me in the future. Overall, great stuff, I have been taking more chances and working on the neediness.
Thanks again David, you’re the best.

Hector T.

David Tian, I wanted to give a big thanks for your time, your research and bringing a world of information and practical training to one place. Currently in Rock Solid Relationships, and there is so much depth and insight in this that I think it may take numerous times through. It also shows this as a life long process. Thank you sir.

Scott W.

The meditations in Drive are really powerful. Would recommend to anyone that wants to make meaningful changes in how they live their life.

Raj V.

I’m currently going through the Drive program. I’m no stranger to grief work, as I’ve done quite a lot as guided by my therapist.

But the guided meditation exercise done while listening to David Tian was a hundred times stronger than any grief work I’ve done up til now. I was a sobbing, snot-nosed, broken down mess while doing the scrooge exercise, and it was incredibly cathartic. Words can’t express how badly I needed that type and level of catharsis. I can tell there’s a shift that is taking place in my subconscious.

I’m looking forward to doing the rest of the program (and I can imagine re-doing it from time to time even in the future), but at this point I feel a lot of gratitude already and have to say thank you, Davi.

Ray H.

Your Awakenings program helped support me on my path in life. I managed to get excellent results in my studies as a result and made many close friends and female friends.

Overall I learned that the greatest limitation one has is their limiting beliefs. Anything is possible if you open your mind, learn, and do your best for everyone. The principle of giving value goes a long way in shaping your environment and your very self.

I am very happy to say that while I do not (and have not) made full use of the Platinum Partnership, I learned just enough to make my life the way I wish it to be. I am very happy that I can always come back to the courses that you have created.

Thank you for all your efforts. May you continue inspiring more people to live the lives they wish. I feel that what you do, the example you lead, is one of the greatest ways of inspiring change in people.

S.Y. Chun

I’m thankful to have subscribed to the Awakenings group which not only resonates yet gifted me solid knowledge on real world issues, in return it gave me every reason to be aligned to my true self, and continue believing in the state of presence, understanding common pitfalls that will intentionally throw me off my focus.Thank you to the team who worked tirelessly to provide important coaching contents such as this.

Hong H.

Hey reader, David Tian has a course called Rock Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery… It would do you well to take it…

I say these things because I have been married for 14yrs… until a little over a yr ago I thought my wife was mean… selfish… unengaged… and not present… among other things… I started Rock Solid Relationships and Masculine Mastery… enrolled in Awakenings… read some incredible books and got myself into therapy…

I had the best year of marriage… I’m becoming a better husband… and father… largely what I said about her was true… and I took ownership of what I did to contribute to our issues… which lead her (because I am the leader) to do the same damn thing… things aren’t perfect yet and I know they will be because we are both committed to long term growth

David A.

You need to watch several of David’s videos. Make a nice cup of tea and settle in to a hand full of them. I spent about a week hearing his voice. I downloaded his talks, listened in my car, and just bettered myself as a man.

Fernando D.

Hi David,

I want to start of by saying thank you. I had gone through the online Limitless course a couple of years ago and have watched through certain segments countless times. It has been a journey to say the least since starting those lessons. I’ve become better at understanding my true values and intentions. I’ve had plenty of success gaining attraction with women early on. David explicitly tells you this is training not learning. I’ve been through a lot of pain periods but still need to go through much more to eventually become truly limitless. In other areas of my life like my professional life it has opened up doors and my confidence is through the roof. I just need to apply it to my personal relationships and find my true self in all of this. If you’re looking for a program that goes into depth of your inner workings rather than surface game this is definitely the program to start with.

I appreciate the effects you’ve already had on me and look forward to what is to come.


The Man Up community is a great place to get advice and learn. We’re all pretty blunt but respectful. So this is the ideal place to improve yourself. Been here for a few weeks and it has helped me loads. Still improving but I’m healing very nicely compared to past relationships and learning to love myself!

Fernando D.

I have encountered so many changes since joining this group.

Confidence through the roof (authentic).

Understanding myself when I am upset but not being a jerk about it.

Higher quality woman are attractive instead of intimidating.

Creativity, different music, and openness of feminine quality’s of myself.

Able to speak my mind, and stand my ground with out a care of what people think of me. But not being a jerk about it.

Removing people that are toxic from my life.

Compassion for my myself, my feelings and have a lot of respect for what I want and where I want to be.

Just wanted to thank David Tian because with out all the issues you bring up I wouldn’t be where I am today in a years time. What you provide is something sort of amazing.

Mark M.

David! Firstly can I say a massive thank you for your work and content you produce via podcasts as I listen to your DTPHD every day to and from work. It’s insightful, informative, knowledgeable and simply just no bullshit which I love. It has changed my perspective on life and put me on a incredible journey of self discovery. The answers you have given me or I am now able to find with your work & your studies has given me closure for now to a lot of my personal issues, such as my relationship, and you have shown me the light to move forward positively more so than anyone else I have listened to on podcasts.

I have become ever more self aware of myself and mindful as I have learnt about myself more than ever before and more importantly I am also able to help others as well. I have much to learn still so please keep up the good work, David!

Chuka C.

I believe these courses are valuable and necessary for positive masculine mental health.

Sam D.

Drive is a good course. I enjoyed it.

Chris S.

BLOWN AWAY. Great course. David’s course delivered on everything it said it would & exceeded my expectations. Just blew me away.


I felt more secure and felt I was progressing after doing Drive and not backsliding anymore than I use to.

Alfred C.

Drive is really powerful, and it helped me a lot to progress in my life.

Lenny E.

Great program! It met my expectations, DRIVE taught me how to believe in myself and instil belief towards other people. DRIVE brought me forward to find freedom and true happiness. My paradigm has shifted and I’m taking a different approach in how I’m supposed to see things the right way in order for me to be happy, wealthy, healthy and successful.

Eric L.

DRIVE exceeded my expectations. I was doing self-development work for the past year, but was still getting stuck. I realised the curriculum for this program had the tools needed for my to unfuck myself again, and I was right! Everyone NEEDS to do this to truly unravel their bullshit, and understand their needs. A truly simplistic, straight-forward transformational course that can be done in a weekend, and you feel the IMMEDIATE results. As Dr. Tian states though, it will require more rounds of training, but it’s all worth it as you start to gain even more understanding the more times you go through it.

Roman A.

Thank you for making Drive. I am so grateful about finishing that course. I would recommend that program to everyone. My biggest issue was that I’ve never given my 100% with studies and life in general. I know that I am capable of so much more. Now I am committed to do my best. One of the best decisions I’ve made. Because I’ve done other courses and I really connect with David, i wanted to buy the course, the results are amazing. Drive has been amazing for me

Ale V.

Limitless was my first big improvement after the Desire System on the Social Man.
The techniques helped me a lot and I had success very fast as I put more effort in it.
But importantly was Module 1 where you focus significantly on Primary Value. I easily attracted girls with psychological tricks or Active Value Game at first but I realised that with time, to maintain a constant attraction and a relationship you have to become the natural attractive guy. That is why I go for the Lifestyle Mastery program now because it describes mainly Primary Value I want to focus on.

As a summary, Limitless changed my life. It started for me there and watching David genuinely teaching and seeing that he really cares about what he is saying and doing is motivating. Also everything is legit really helpful and there is no boring or unhelpful information.

Sandro B.

Looking forward to continue with the course, and I must say: even though I have felt stuck and been procrastinating awfully much, what I have learned from David and Aura through the course, and the insights through the podcast and so on, I see that things are very different now than when I did this survey. I look forward to see how things develop when I continue with this and other courses. Thank you very much for everything that you do, the courses, customer support and so on!

Best regards


Jørgen V. G.

Hey, its Robert here and am a member of Limitless. Its an awesome course, and goes into great detail so new ideas and behaviours become easier to grasp.

Robert S.


Rock Solid Relationships is a very comprehensive course on relationships. I was expecting ” how to be a better boyfriend/husband techniques” but ended up going on a huge ride on meditation, habit change, and understanding deep psychology that will fully power my lifestyle, and the future generations.
I cannot also stress how important giving attention and reassurance is. After i was consciously aware of that, i could visibly see my partner respond to me in more warm ways.

Edwin S.

Thank you David. Your psychological approach, Asian based and spirituality really help me to connect with myself and without knowing me, you are taking a major role and stand into my evolution.

That felt great to share this stuff and this is the first time I am doing some introspection on my life through writing. It makes me feel proud. I’m not scared anymore to feel sensitive, filled by emotions and cry over all my inner conflicts.

Thank you David and may your energy and productivity to help many people remain.

Thibault B.

Taking Drive first and redoing the list of courses was definitely the smartest decision. This will definitely give me the pump to keep on the motivation when i am losing momentum and drive. Seriously, this program Should be the orientation program for everyone. This pulls a masculine, dominant, get-it-done mentality unlike nothing I have EVER seen before! I gotta go out and do something now!

Kevin S.

The biggest reason I never finished self development courses in the past is that they were very long. Drive is bite sized and can be completed in a few days! so first off I cant imagine it could cost too much but also, I think a lot of people would get through it. and it could really drive someone to take a longer course to get complete control of there lives! not to mention the benefits of this one small course!

Marc A.

I’m a Platinum Partner. Drive was great for me, short and to the point. Not too much effort required. The Destroy Destructive States meditation was effortless and powerful.

Niall B.

Drive has been amazing for me. Especially the meditations. The first 2h meditations is one of the best meditations I’ve done, you have to confront your fears and limiting beliefs and realising it was all in my mind. So i would say it exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful about finishing that course. Thank you David.

Alvin N.

I’ve followed David’s teachings for a long time now; they were research based which is just how I like it. I came from the pick-up community and have evolved since I came across David’s teachings, I’ve applied his teachings in all areas of my life and have this seen tremendous growth in my relationships from 5 years back. I got married to the lady of my dreams in 2015 (I was only 25), by setting standards for the women I meet on a day to day basis in the past, before I met my lady. I am enjoying every single day with my lady since then. I truly owe a lot to David, in multiple areas of my life. Even though I have never met him in person, his content is sincere and direct, to the extent that you even get to know him as a person through his materials, as a bonus he cuts out all the noise that is being disseminated in the media and by other PUAs, to get to the point of impact.

Seth L.

Hey guys, I finished Rock Solid Relationships course! I’ve been through many Tony Robbins and other self-help courses already. I thought I’d learned it all when it came to relationships. Starting from Module 3, I found out how wrong I was… Then I started getting so many more insights into myself. And pain, sorrow kicks in… With my grief work I cry like never before in my 34 years of my life. Days become like hell… But if that is the road from boy to man, it’s time to take that walk. I learn so much about my self, masculinity, and people around me. With the inner child meditation, beautiful memories come back, I can write a book with them. My relationships with my parents, friends ,women, when I assert myself, become much more honest and for the first time I do what I want to do in my life… To know that every emotion is here to help us, that is ok to have dark side, for me, this is real freedom. I will continue to grow, to live well and grief well, because any other way is no option anymore. Thank you David on this extraordinary gift of RSR!

Slaven P.

Hey guys, I finished Rock Solid Relationships course! I’ve been through many Tony Robbins and other self-help courses already. I thought I’d learned it all when it came to relationships. Starting from Module 3, I found out how wrong I was… Then I started getting so many more insights into myself. And pain, sorrow kicks in… With my grief work I cry like never before in my 34 years of my life. Days become like hell… But if that is the road from boy to man, it’s time to take that walk. I learn so much about my self, masculinity, and people around me. With the inner child meditation, beautiful memories come back, I can write a book with them. My relationships with my parents, friends ,women, when I assert myself, become much more honest and for the first time I do what I want to do in my life… To know that every emotion is here to help us, that is ok to have dark side, for me, this is real freedom. I will continue to grow, to live well and grief well, because any other way is no option anymore. Thank you David on this extraordinary gift of RSR!

Slaven P.

Thanks, David. I can’t believe how well your teachings worked. I trusted the process and didn’t question it and sure enough, I finally got there. I’ve learned so much. Thank you for your group and for helping us out. I can’t tell you how much you have helped shape the last 4 months of my life. Thank you.

Felipe G.

Thank you David I do appreciate all your hard work. It’s provided me with insights to the way I am and ways to start the rebuilding process. My understanding of my self is greater because of you so thanks again.

Benjamin H.

David, Just wanted to give you an update… After my courses with you, I am at my highest happiness point in my life I can ever remember!

Financially things are going great, my wife and I are one the same page on just about everything… Intimacy has been great on all levels!

I have felt confident and comfortable in parenting and in my love life and not behaving from a co-dependent/love addicted…

Going through “Core” right now which is really good stuff on the archtypes!

Obviously I am still blazing on the journey and growth is continuing to happen…

Thanks again for everything brother you will never know how much you changed my life in terms of giving me direction and guidance!

David R.

I discovered Dr. David Tian in the Fall of 2016, and with his help and courses I was able to find the right therapist. Only then was I able to achieve the breakthroughs I needed to overcome the adversities I was going through. If you’re a man struggling to achieve more clarity on your situation as well as gaining clarity on where you are potentially leaking personal power, are struggling with your current understand of what true love and personal freedom is, then I encourage you to take time to listen to what Dr. Tian has to say about overcoming personal struggle and finding real happiness in your life. Open your eyes, mind, and heart to some of the harsh truths he reveals.

Ryan A.

David Tian I have to hand it to you. Core is amazing. I have just done the Masculine Energy Exercise and I feel so empowered. I never felt this way in all my life and I am still shaking due to the sheer power I felt. You have helped me unlock a part of me that has been dormant for so long I didn’t think I actually had it. I have shed my fear of failure and now I can move forward as a man. Thank you does not seem enough but thank you.

Michael R. G.

Excellent training resources. It trained to help my inner-child grow up with me to so that I can handle the toxic influences of this nutty universe.

Andrew C.

Awesome, it is great just what i expect from a DT course.

Neil B.

Thank you again for the constant and never-ending improvements in your content and trainings. I look forward to training with you even more! As I’m in PP and have gone through RSR, I love how this short course introduces masculinity to beginners. Even I have gained valued from going through the materials again (plus the new content and meditation exercises). Again, it’s about TRAINING, not just learning. 🙂

Keye S.

Fun, knowledgable, inspiring, clear, wow, transformational, fresh. It’s exceeding my expectations. I am at awe when hearing about the the warrior archetype and the hero journey as a first step to move into mature masculine .I’d recommend the course in a heartbeat. This should go into a textbook in high school so boys know what men are and how they can get there.

Dunca L.

Core was great. Satisfied with the $40 price point and the value it delivered with the mental model of Jung’s masculine archetypes. The meditations made the program stick! It made the program worth it.

Eloy J.

Absolutely. I would recommend this course to all men looking to understand themselves and who want to improve their lives from the inside out. I even recommend women to take a look at this course for them to also understand that Masculinity is not toxic but is required form boys to become men.

Josh M.

The thing that has helped me the most in following your material, David, is the understanding you have given me about shame and limiting beliefs. Since I have come to terms with these two things, I no longer have approach anxiety to a large degree and I have been able to start a blog to express myself to help overcome these issues.

Tom K.

Hey David, you kicked out an amazing product with RSR. I find myself constantly coming back to structure stuff I experience or learn elsewhere. It seems holistic, current and very well researched. Thank you!

Thomas N.

“My wife left me a year ago almost to the day. If not for that I would have never realised my own issues and insecurities. I had somehow become completely obsessive and codependent. A year later and a lot of bumpy painful road I have become closer the the man I should have been all along.

I came to David’s group looking for a desperate way to get my wife back and instead I found myself. I was a nice guy, now I’m a good man and my relationship status and insecurity doesn’t rule my emotional state anymore. Im no longer a doormat and I no longer “need” my wife or her apprival. I’m happily single by choice. That hole I had in me is filling up fast, I’ve put a lot of stuff behind me and dealt with a lot of my demons from childhood. I’ve gone back to collage. I’m in better shape by hitting the gym than I have been in 10 years. I learned to speak my mind and to say no. I’ve learned my own values and reinforced my true boundaries. The woman I’m with doesn’t define me anymore but compliments me as I am.

Without her leaving me I would have never realized my own issues so for that I would like to secretly thank her. It was the best inadvertent push for me to better myself in my 37 years. So a big thanks to her. For that I’ll always be greatful. I would also like to thank this group and many others for support and telling it like it is. I’d also like to thank David Tian for having this group and not pulling any punches.

So many guys come here hurting and damaged. I’d just like to show that there is a road forward that is a better way of life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel if you’re willing to work for it. Cry if you need to but make sure you still remember how to laugh as well.”

Chris H.

“Thank you so much for this!

I just have to say that i came across you as a youtube ad, whilst aggressively trawling through redpill youtube videos. What made me seek your channel and now this program, was how profound your message about goodness was in my mind.

Through growing up training martial arts and then going through many of the journeys that you have talked about in an organic manner, due to my university degree and self discovery. finding your videos has been the missing link in my journey of self cultivation. I fell for so many of the relationship traps that you talked about and i was ignoring many of the truths that you have helped me face!

Now i can feel with clarity, that the steps placed before my life are the correct ones, and that my repressed selves and my subconscious have now begun a process of integration.

There is true value in the work you are doing, i sure as hell know that you’ve saved me from the wrong path!

thanks again, ”

Tom K.

“I just want to express my gratitude to Dr. David Tian for everything he gives us through his coaching. I have followed and tried many coaches and nobody has led to so much breakthrough as David. I found David Tian through his YouTube lectures. I was blown away by how clear and intuitive his teaching was. I didn’t feel that uneasy gut feeling I felt about all the other content in the pickup world. His principle of honesty just made sense.

While I don’t agree 100% with everything, Dr. Tian has had the most influence on my growth and understanding of relationships and myself of anything I have come across. He is more giving and generous with his channel, podcast, and by answering questions in this group than any other coach I have found. I can’t wait to get some of his programs to go more in depth once my current budget goals are met. It feels like once I find one huge realization and solution, David throws out another huge realization and they just keep building and becoming more complete as I learn.

Seeing the problems that my dad is experiencing in his marriage with my mom makes me appreciate the wisdom that I have learned from these lessons. Once I get financially free in a couple years from my college and “first house”, you definitely will be thanked again for all the value you have given to my life. I hope every appreciates how lucky we are to have a coach with the knowledge and talent as Dr. Tian. Thank you, David!!!”

Joshua R.

“I changed my life through David’s principles. My fiancé had almost completely stop talking to me for 2 months. I then learned and incorporated David’s lessons. Within a few weeks of doing this and getting my man up attitude and alpha male mojo back, she was back in my life telling me she loves me, spending the weekends together and so forth and now we’re back on track. I almost lost the love of my life if it weren’t for David’s principles. Listen and follow exactly to what he tells you to do. It will work!”

Davis D.

“Unlike most dating advice and all PUA advice, I believe David’s to be honest, authentic, realistic, long lasting and that he has the experience to follow through with what he sets out to do in his programs. He puts in the time to provide what is necessary to give us what we have to do to make long lasting change…he doesn’t market change, he instills it. David provides me with the necessary skills to master the many areas of my life that I struggled with. I am introverted and don’t have many strong supports/guidance when I comes to navigating social/sexual and personal areas of my life so I can experience everything I would like to. I have come through chasing women, a long way of dark depression and avoidance of myself, my social life, sexual life, personal life and life in general. But now I have built enough strength; emotionally and spiritually through therapy and understanding my needs/goals and purpose in life and have begun to tackle them all through David’s courses.”

Matt D.

“Just had to tell you by employing your techniques, my girlfriend came back around. I’ve been Manning up in different areas and it worked with her this past weekend. We spent the whole weekend together. First time in months because of what your classes have taught me to put into action. Your courses rock brother.”

Yours truly, Dean D.

Dean D.

“Hey David, love your work. Nearly being a year since I started watching your videos after a breakup I’ve truly changed my psychological outlook on life and what I value in a relationship. Cheers ”

Harrison V.

“My name is Dean, I was co-dependent and in a relationship where my fiancé and I were around each other entirely too much… After 6 months things, began to happen with my codependency, having made them my life. My fiancé needed space and time and some distance for me being up her ass so much but I thought I was doing the right thing. I never understood until I joined this program how needy I was demanding affection, love, and attention back. David and his seminars online have helped me to regain my individuality and manhood back and not be so codependent and such a damn wimp about things. I can’t tell you how I’ve grown in such a short period of time by his man up attitude and teachings it’s been the best thing that’s ever happened in my life…”


Dean D.

“The video series on the burdened life really resonated with me, as I just finished my Ph.D.at the time of ordering the course and the run up to the viva was really hard work. Even though I have achieved many things (fluent in 4 languages, lived in 6 different countries for more than 6 months often years, two masters degrees and a phd ) fulfillment always seemed elusive and it often felt like I was doing things to please others. This course was a great starting point for me to take control of my emotions and happiness.

First, there was a lot of small things that were really helpful like the advice on having a jolt in the morning followed by working out. I was lifting semi-regularly before usually after work but things always seemed to get in the way. This is a small thing but it actually did wonders for my adherence and I packed on a lot of muscle without thinking about it, it just became a habit I can easily maintain. Other stuff on automation and outsourcing were really helpful as well.

Probably the biggest thing was the training on the true vs false selves, which I didn’t expect to be honest. I think the course was a great intro to this topic and I am looking forward to exploring it more starting with the recommended readings. I can definitely feel that sometimes different parts of me want different things and are pulling me in different directions and I think the way it is presented is a great way to think about it.

What I really like is that by going through the course I have awareness of these things but as I can access them any time I can go back and work on them and progress at my own pace.



“David, I am blown away. I started your courses a few months ago, and just reviewed my pre-program survey which I filled in when I started. 8 out of 9 of my sticking points are not an issue for me anymore. I’ve met all 8 of these goals. There was even some improvement in the ninth one. I haven’t even looked at the survey since I started. Some of these short-term sticking points were due to core neediness. My neediness is all gone because I learned how to meet those needs from within… Most of my new goals that got unlocked seem like a lot of fun. This is an amazing game, can’t wait to unlock the next missions. Thank you again, David!“

Jamie N.

I want to thank you so much for your video series. I’m just getting out of a 10-year marriage/12 year relationship. I was 24 when we got together, she was my first girlfriend, I had essentially no dating life before that and had no idea what I was doing.

Back in January, I watched your videos (plus a number of other resources). Let me say, the shit works! After signing up for some dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, etc), now the limiting factor in my dating life has been the number of days in a week. Thank you!“

Steve J.

“Brief background: I would like to think I’m doing pretty well at life– Topping my class, starting up a business, bagging top internships I feel like I’m living in the fast lane. Before this, I have never sought any help or really invested time in discovering myself. Now, I am watching ur videos almost every night before bed.

Finding your channel was by no coincidence. While I was doing well, on one hand, I felt empty inside on the other. I tend to always try and improve myself and I tried to solve this problem by trying to improve myself even more. Tried cooking, playing the guitar, but all these “self-improvement” activities still didn’t cut it. It was only until I found your channel and started watching it then did I manage to find peace within myself. I feel like a much happier person after learning from your videos about self-discovery and the importance of having great values.

I feel like the most significant change to how I go about my life is the understanding that when you think you are intelligent, you tend to create distance between yourself and others and that was something I had going on in my life for the longest time and while I made great friends with high flyers and driven individuals at the top, I had problems connecting with most other people. For a long time, I felt like I had a socialising issue. By no means am I awkward, I actually like to think being able to hold conversations is one of my greater strengths. But I just found it challenging to connect with lots of people on a deeper level despite being able to gain the respect of most I cross paths with. I know this is a long ramble but I am really grateful for all the videos you have uploaded and sincerely mean everything I have said from the bottom of my heart.“

Timothy Q.

“David’s “Lifestyle Mastery” course helped me pick up the pieces after my divorce. I’ve incorporated meditation into my life and the guided meditation in module 3 helped me identify split selves repressed within me.

I realise how much I need them to be playful, joyous, warm to others and compassionate to myself. This course helped me extract and confront the pain I’ve been carrying that permeates my interactions with others and undermines my self-discipline in maintaining my daily routine. Thank you!

Frank T.

“Hey David, I just wanted you to know how much it has meant to me that you have been there to answer my questions and really get me through the beginning changes in my life and my relationship!

“My wife and I are doing VASTLY better!.

“I am continuing to double down on the books as well as repeating RSR and MM

“I didn’t want you to think I was just flaking out and not showing up… Your kindness and candor have been refreshing and a true blessing! David, I can honestly sit here and say you helped change my life so far and for that, I am eternally grateful!

“Thanks again Coach Tian“

David R.

“I want to thank you for the content that is you providing to the masses! I am currently looking at your book list that you have sent me, WOW! Thank you for bringing my attention to some of these incredible books I never heard of!!! David, what I admire and respect about the content that you are creating is that you approach the problems of men and some women, young and old with a holistic methodology. you don’t only look at the problem, you look at the person as a whole and deal with the root of the problem, not with shallow quick-fix bullshit. You are a wonderful and refreshing breeze in the cesspool of bullshit that is on the internet.”


Adam N.

“Hurray! Just completed the entire Rock Solid Relationships, what a huge contrast to those normal pickup/dating info products. It was such an inside-out growth process that had been deeply healing.

My big 3 transformation I had is:

#1 It has allowed me to experience more joy, deep connection, compassion and love for people.

#2 Have started therapy. I am convinced that there are still hidden issues that I haven’t “cleansed” and I still need to do more grief work to become even more secure, open, unashamed and emotionally free.

#3 I feel more calm, centered, secure and compassionate towards people now. I am less judgmental, I am less “anxious” about strangers because I can see through their eyes that “he/she is probably suffering”. I now wonder what’s their fears/dreams/real self, instead of just judging them or getting into my own head about my own issues.

Thanks a lot again!”

Cam W.

“I have taken 10 weeks to Freedom course and Lifestyle Mastery course.

My review of 10 weeks to freedom is very positive and would recommend and have recommended my friends to take it. The course is not like other dating programs, it’s more than a dating course and the effects is life changing.

The course not only help to overcome the fear of talking to women but it also helps me improve as a person, I became more assertive as a person and being decisive about what I want in my life. The Facebook accountability post and live have helped me tremendously, we can interact with David and he can point out the problem that we have.

My review of lifestyle mastery is totally amazing !!! The course has shifted my paradigm so many times thru out the course. Many new things and concepts I have been exposed in the course, it is a very powerful course and again life changing experience, all I can say is buy it !!! the course is very good and David have delivered more than I expected.“

Tom Y.

“My brief review of Awakenings program:

Have participated in the last 3 weeks and find a lot of interesting topics on being discuss (such as Nazi camps and the human condition, white knight) and it did satisfy my curiosity on some topics which you don’t normally discuss or hear in mainstream media and able to post/ask questions directly to David. I find it amusing when David does his ‘awakenings’ moment on topics which are absurd or silly but worth the feedback from the questions being asked. My only concern is that on some difficult/complex questions being asked or with a long backstory, it takes David some time to digest the questions which take time away; my suggestion would be to keep the query/questions brief and to the point. Other than that David is definitely doing great for the post-PUA mess and certainly for me. Thanks!

I would personally recommend this program as an add-on to anyone who is going through counselling.“

Jason C.

“You probably hear this a lot, but thank you, David. Rock Solid Relationships is changing my perspective on life. It’s changing my way to live, step by step. Thanks!

I guess it’s another contribution “

Nick S.

“I just finished the Rock Solid Relationships course in its entirety, and I have to say that I think it was worth every dollar paid. As I progressed through the course I experienced vivid “ah ha” moments along with many many moments of deep sadness, grief, and shame. I don’t even feel like I know the person who started this course anymore. I can obviously still see remnants of who I was before doing the sometimes extremely difficult emotional work but even as I write this with a heavy heart because of a breakup a few weeks ago I know my life will never be the same. I have tried my very best to implement as much as possible that I learned as I went through this course and the changes and effects have been astonishing, to say the least. I plan to start tomorrow on module one and work my way back through all the modules along with doing the recommended readings. There are too many examples to give at this time but as I implemented the material in this course I have seen my relationships, the type of people that have come into my life, my personal growth, and my general emotional maturity enhance in ways that I could not have even begun to imagine when I started this course.

When I began the course my goal was to figure out how to save mine as of recent relationship which ultimately I did not accomplish. What I did find in that relationship, however, was the necessary driving force for me to take this course and grow exponentially. What I did accomplish is taking the necessary steps towards emotional maturity that will help me tenfold in my relationships to come. The sense of empowerment that I now have is something that will never leave me as I move throughout my life, and I hope that others like me will be brave enough to scratch at the surface of their own lives and feel the deep pain and darkness within that must be faced and ultimately conquered before one could hope to reach upwards towards the light of their own destiny.

Thank you, David Tian for making this course and I thank God that I found just one of your videos 3 years ago. That video was literally the one on how to get any girl’s phone number. So much has happened since that first video and I know David’s material has changed so much since that video was shot but I am eternally grateful that I clicked on that link that started it all.“

Wayne M.

“Hi David,

Something really unexpected happened during the week, well for me at least, it may not be much of a surprise to you. I am Back together with her, and after a week of chatting and talks, we are now back together.

I know that going back into a relationship with her will be a mistake if I don’t address my underlying problems, the same goes for her.

I introduced her to some of your concepts and teachings. She was not reluctant in-fact we sat this weekend past and watched. Is she Relationship material? and we have agreed to watch a new video of yours every time we are together.

So having established this new way of thinking in our relationship, I feel like there is hope because I am seeing the type of effort she is giving and so far it feels real.

As per your advice, I have decided to go for therapy, and I approached a therapist. and gave her a brief rundown of my situation. and I will be working on myself.

Because as you say “you have to be one whole person first” or something along the lines of that cant exactly remember.

The reason why I’m sending you this message? Is to firstly say thank you.

You’ve changed my entire outlook on life and your videos and podcasts are little nuggets of pure helpful informative gold, each of them broaden my understanding.

Secondly, keep doing it, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have even made it this far. let alone grow emotionally as much as I already have. I have loads of work ahead of me. If the free material is this great, I can’t wait to get on to the paid stuff.

Thirdly, thank you once again for everything you have done.“

Sam S.

“I have quite a few mentors, but I will say that you are the one that actually holds us accountable to our true selves, and challenges us to find that true self amidst a lifetime of disingenuous bullshit that we’ve programmed ourselves to be, or had programmed into us without realising it the state of being aware, centred, and present rather than validation seeking and being a try-hard, is by far the biggest challenge, and that’s where I personally continue to struggle. Obviously, this refers to being on dates with women my journey involves destroying my lifelong subconscious catalysts for this, but it only started a year ago so I am sure it takes time. I follow you because I respect and trust your word and your experience. Thank you for your teachings, as they all do make sense when thought through subjectively. “

Neal C.

“David, I can’t help but express my gratitude for every bit of your work. Each piece of content you put out helps fuel the vision of the hope of freedom to true unconditional love and acceptance of my past. The storm clouding my mind since my teens has started to dissipate and the first rays of sunlight can finally pierce through. You are to credit for all this!”

Jy Q.

“I just wanted to say that doing the course material for Rock Solid Relationships is great… doing the recommended reading and then going back through the course material is freaking priceless!

Thank you so much, David Tian for putting this thing together being patient and guiding us to be better men and better people to contribute and receive and give love at the higher level! Just been a great few months getting my life in order for real! Thanks, brother!”

David R.

“I came to David’s work, in part, through the struggle of my relationship – in search of answers, growth, and self-improvement. For the longest time I thought that making myself more attractive, and understanding what women found attractive, would turn me into a man that she couldn’t resist, or at least make me so desirable that I wouldn’t be concerned with her anymore. Now I see how limited this view was.

But you have to start somewhere to get to where you’re supposed to be.

Had I not been through Rock Solid and Masculine Mastery last summer, I might have never finally ended things with her. I would have probably continued playing the games, continued giving without reciprocation, continued “playing it cool” without asserting my needs.

Instead, I broke things off knowing that I deserve more.

Today I’m feeling really grateful for David’s work, including his evolution from pick-up to much more nuanced self-improvement programs. This work has helped me become a stronger man, more in touch with my needs, and less attached to my shame.

And I hope everyone feels equally empowered after going through RSMM. Each of us is on his own compelling journey, and the truth is that the elements of our best lives are within ourselves. We just have to be open to uncovering them. Onward!”

Jared J.

“Aloha David. You speak the truth and I love it… The reason I love your channel is because it is one of the best content channels I’ve run across to give women like me a window into the kind of situations men run into, how men think, and truthful opinions from a man’s point of view about what confused, young, and/or game-playing women do to men that contribute to their confusion. I so very much appreciate your ‘man up’ (know WTF you’re really doing as a man) and ‘man of integrity’ orientation because that is EXACTLY what women like me are looking for. Keep it up! I will be watching with keen interest.”

Candace H.

“This course is ten thousand leagues under the sea.. in other words deeper than all fuck. I was very hopeful about the course but I had no real idea what I was going to encounter.

Ever since I took rock-solid relationships, I have learned quite a lot about myself, about my energy, my mind, etc..

I love the focus on Masculinity. I’m starting to wake up and want to work out… getting stuff done with purpose at work… being assertive and decisive at home…

As I went through RSR, my self-understanding grew considerably. One of the many insights I got from the meditations was that I found out that my wife does not think I can relate to her issues (anxiety and overall trauma from her crummy childhood) because I was a bully from my adolescences into early manhood. What I have been holding onto though is the fact that I was bullied on multiple occasions. I held onto these occasions and turned them into who I became. I chose my friends based on these occasions and made all my decisions based on them.

Now in my adult life, I had never truly played the hero… had never really crafted that warrior side of me… and then I was gutted that my wife felt I can’t relate to her… So the meditations on masculinity were a God send as I was able to open up to myself… to receive REAL forgiveness… to know that this isn’t who I am nor is it defining who I am… I am on the path of maturing the warrior, learning the way of the King, making this stuff disappear with positive reflective energy as the magician, and culminating my true self… the real true me into the lover, the real husband, father, and man that I am. Just a great thing I needed in my life. Thanks, David Tian thank you indeed.

Prior to beginning RSR, I would express trust verbally as a matter of fact and severely lacked in my displaying of respect for my wife. Showing my wife respect by being present with her — a key lesson in the first module of RSR — allowed her to feel more trusting in me. I believe these are symbiotic in that the more I display presence, the more she feels respected and thus more trusting of me. Typically in times of stress, I certainly learned from my father to avoid the storm the best I could to ride it out until it subsides. This displays no roots. I have not been rooted. I have been practicing the exercise of the course to display undivided attention and presence to my wife when storms surface, to extremely pleasant results.

In another of the amazing guided meditations, I found that my earliest memory was when my mom left me when I was young. The old interpretation was she didn’t want me and I really felt the abandonment, which leaked into all my serious relationships with women. This feeling of abandonment has been one of the core emotions I suppressed and have not allowed myself to feel, which led to me being avoidant. However, I also saw that my interpretation of the event, while valid, isn’t the complete picture. My mom had left to go to a foreign country so that I could have a better life. After doing the meditation, I feel much better afterward. Thank you, David Tian for making this possible.

The Rock Solid Relationships course is very comprehensive at least to me. This is an incredible program overall. Thanks again David Tian for creating this course! I’m about to rock leg day and do my dark side meditation. Go Warrior King!”

Brian H.

“The private group has been invaluable. The support from other men that have had similar stuff happen to them. Knowing that you’re not alone is one of the best positive feelings. I know other people enjoy what David Tian provides. It turned my life around. Helping me get to the root of my deepest issues. I have prepared me for being apart of my daughter’s life I haven’t seen in 11 years. I just wish I had more time be on here more often. To keep learning how to be a better happy person. I truly am happier with myself.”

Derek B.

“I am in one of David Tian paid courses full disclosure… and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made and found him by sheer miracle.”

David R. Cheers

“The Rock Solid Relationships course is very comprehensive at least to me. This is a good program and I’m honoured to be a part of the group.”

Andrew C.

“Thank you, David, I am grateful that I took your course. It is truly amazing what you’re trying to achieve here. I used to get so angry with you as you triggered those memories and emotions in me. But I see now that you only chose to do that, as you believe those emotions would help me. Through you, I have successfully freed myself, and I will continue to be freer. May we stay curious always brothers, for life is wonderful, and the pure existence of ourselves, that, is truly amazing.”

Sam L.

“I really would love to start off by saying that I am inspired by the Man Up YouTube channel you have created. With your help, I was able to break free from emotional abuse from my girlfriend by taking control of my issues and making myself a better person for me and no-one else. Since then I have never been in so much control of my own life and for the first time, I could say that I am proud of myself. I have pushed a lot of people away but the right ones came back, looking at me as their inspiration. Even my girl stopped talking to me for good but now she is eager to see my next achievement and is much more honest with me than ever before. I did all that with the help of self-awareness, and your input from Man Up videos.”

Albert Y.

“Thank you, David, I am grateful that I have met you. It is truly amazing what you’re trying to achieve here. I used to get so angry with you as you triggered those memories and emotions in me. But I see now that you only chose to do that, as you believe those emotions would help me. I am not free, Yet, but I am getting closer and developing myself every day.”

Sam L.

“I think every guy should be involved in these programs. To be honest I tell everyone about you and what you do for men. Seriously life changing. Things just keep happening to me now. That I would never expect. Everyone at my work just seems to adore me now. Even the lady that pretty much hated me. She almost bends over backward for me. I don’t even ask her to do anything. The owners are always coming and joking with me. Everywhere I go people want to give me things for free. I’m humble though and do not take everything given. I have only scratched the surface of your teachings. This is what is happening. All these new friends. This is the best time my life. Thank you.”

Derek B.

“Man, I just wanted to let you know you’ve changed my life. I’m doing things now that I never even dared to dream about three years ago, and I’m thinking about things in such a healthier, fulfilling way. You’re a life saver and a fucking legend, thanks, David.”

Omar Mo

“Hey, guys. I’ve been a part of the man up group for a short while now. I’ve learned and progressed a lot in this time… I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and guidance that David, and the others in the Man Up group.I have progressed so much in this short time, and I hope to continue. I’m grateful for the knowledge that David is so willing to share to help us. Otherwise, I would be stuck on the same rollercoaster of destruction and heartbreak with this woman. So, huge thanks to David!”

Tristan S.

“Since I was old enough to be conscious of what a “relationship” is, I’ve wondered why many of the relationships I’ve been in, or observed, have sometimes seemed lifeless. Or, worse, were clearly toxic (by almost any subjective or objective standard).

“I’ve been looking for “the answers.”

“I finally found David Tian, about a year ago, and have been working hard (several hours a day) through his courses, meditations, and exercises.

“From him, I’ve learned that all of the ancient philosophers, for thousands of years, have been trying to figure out “the answers” – how the true self gets buried by society and dogmatic institutions, how to recover it, and how to live life in the most meaningful and fulfilling way possible

“I’ve learned that meditation is not just a practice to get one to “relax,” it’s an ancient practice, developed over thousands of years, that calms the “thinking” part of your mind (the prefrontal cortex, for my fellow science geeks) so it gets the rest it needs. And that it also allows the deeper stuff (in the “emotional” parts of your brain the stuff that is actually driving your life) to be brought to the surface (“thinking” part of the brain”) so it can be dealt with and you can lead your daily life with much more purpose and a sense of calm.

“Maybe most importantly, I’ve learned there are a lot of extremely useful “frameworks” (created by philosophers of all stripes, Buddhists, Christians, Atheists, you-name-it over the centuries you can use to clarify your true self, life purpose, and values.

“I’m grateful that he made this video. I’ve been trying to share how important and helpful he is with many of you for about a year now, often (it seems) in a not-so-effective manner.

“So here it is, in his own words.

“If you are interested in him, and the products from his company (Aura Transformation), just ask. I’ll try to ONLY answer what you ask :D.

“Oh…and NEVER FEAR…I haven’t lost my wicked, dry sense of humor.


Greg Van

“Hi, David. Big fan of your Man Up episodes – learned a lot from you about long-term happiness & fulfilment in life. Thanks! I used to be a typical achiever/pleaser “nice guy” who fails to recognise & acknowledge my own shortcomings. I came to realise this only recently, however, through your videos & learning from the Man Up group.”


“Hey David, I found your videos on FB and have watched every one of them. I am a member of the group. Recently my life came apart when my wife of 8 years told me she didn’t love me anymore. What how can this be? Then I found myself acting like a little punk to her texting every day chasing, chasing, chasing… It made things worse… I couldn’t understand. Then I saw your videos. It was like getting hit by lightning. I had been friend zoned… I am a very muscular handsome guy. I had just lost my edge. I had been her bitch constantly chasing her false morality… Well, we are divorced… Your help pulled me out of this fog. I am back to my old self. Confident. And even though I’m alone right now I’m living a great life. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. And am noticing women are attracted to me… I had traded my masculinity for her approvals… David, thank you! I’m back!”

Duran D.

“Hey David, the reason I’m following you is because the videos that you posted (episodes) is really inspirational. It points out all the wrong things that I’m doing in life so I can better myself.”

Jon Jones

“I’m having a similar experience in the program. It’s so deep, and so useful, and has pushed me to new heights. Repetition is part of the key for sure. So good!!”

Jared Jensen

“Oh, David Tian. What do you do to us haha

I’ve repeated the Inner Child Meditation and the 3D Trauma process yesterday. I don’t know why, but I had to cry even before something happened in the Inner Child Meditation. This is such an experience.. the 3D trauma process was even deeper and I had to cry even more. And it really cleans my pipes somehow and relieves something within me. It feels really good. And today I started out with Module 7. For me the most INTENSE information so far. I can understand why you keep this information to a later point of the program because it is INDEED a very vulnerable and complicated topic.
Could be that I would just have shut down a few weeks ago and just didn’t hear what you say because it would have been too “forbidden” for me to think about these topics. I am a little bit confused now, but I assume… this is good and normal when you open your history in this way.

David, I am very grateful for this experience you give us here. I learn so much these days, it’s CRAZY. I see so much more things that happened to me when I was a young boy, this is so cool! I am in personal development for over 12 years now and I have never experienced such a deep level of heart-openness in such a short period of time.

You do great work, David. It’s really worth the money. Please continue.”

Armin He

“Hi David, your first story about yourself … how you got cheated on by someone you loved, and how you changed your own life. That personal story meant more to me than pretty much anything else you said. Yeah, everything you teach is important, but your personal story was what made me want to listen to you in the first place.” 

William Blesch

“Hey David, thank you for being brutally honest. It helps men including myself re-think and reflect who is the man in the mirror. The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from you is to have confidence in who you are as a man. You helped me realise that you don’t have to be the sexiest, smartest or best dressing guy in the room to attract women. As long as you show that confidence in who you are, what you bring to the table and stand your ground, women will see that and will respect you. When men start getting into a people-pleasing mentality or a man that tries to fit in with everybody else, it starts peeling away from who they really are.”

Francis Tam

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned from you, David, is the importance of having values and standards when it comes to relationships. Knowing how to kill neediness has been a huge help in being attractive.”

Ming Han Soh

“I gave this some deep thought… so here goes.

 What I’ve learned from you David, I’ve learned a major understanding to love and lust also I’ve diminished a lot of my neediness I carry myself more appropriate behaviour which has been great, I have random people whether at the store buying groceries or out n daily public random folks begin conversation or topics out of blue n a friendly manner which I carry conversation very well. Also I’ve learned to really qualified lady’s and see many of the red flags that has helped me to avoid women which before I would have been involved with before now I navigate the crazies and can seek out quality..not that I don’t have more to learn and grow from I must say though thank you David for setting me on this path I’ve matured and grown much! Thank you, David.”

Jason Cuevas

“I thought I knew a good amount of information about dating and women because I have a bachelor in human services and currently working on my master. Truth is I don’t. I am humbled and open to learning.”

Hugo Velasco

“For me the strong points were what you taught above love and attraction…and shattering the myths that I always thought was true…keep shattering those lies or myths….it has kept me free of the do more trap, it is a lot of self-work to change my brain chemistry and solidify the pathways that have been so ingrained from childhood…it will take time and effort to rewire my brain in order to see the true person that I am and accept myself for all that I truly am and grow from there.” 

Fila Calientez

“Whenever I have a question I find that you have already answered it, directly or indirectly in a blog post, a ManUp episode, a comment or a conference/podcast. So keep the awesome work Master David .”

Alvaro Mendoza

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned and worked through it still is how co-dependent neediness is a symptom of deeper psychological issues that need to be addressed for your True self to come out. How living in co-dependence is, in fact, living out of false selves that try to please others or achieve in order to get love. The road out of false selves and to True self by cultivating self-love and a consistent self-care routine, in addition to psychotherapy, has been a recommendation by David Tian that is slowly transforming my life.”

Alan Mattei

“Accept the high probability of losing everything in life, even my life itself, and use all creative skills in this situation. This lesson is not directly related to dating but it helps in all fields of my life, not just limited in dating.”

Kimball Phan

“David! Just been watching your keynote on The reality of women, sex and relationships. Awesome stuff. I came across your work during a pretty dark time in my life. I’m not exactly out if it yet, but just wanted to say thank you, man! You have helped me work through some very troubling times.”

Bill Russell

“I just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks for the way you have changed my life for the better. I follow and implement everything You say and you have no idea how much it has helped me.”

Matt Poland

“Hello David, in these videos you are showing me an amazing stuff, really. Every day all people changing. And with your help, I started to communicate with other peoples who I have never seen before, and every day I learn some new social skills.Yesterday i was in a bar, and i met a new girl, and i was able to use a desire system and how to talk with her.Thanks for your videos.You are the best teacher.Im waiting for the other amazing videos.Have a nice day!”

David Kovacs

“Hello David Tian, just wanted to give big thanks and shout out for all the great material you provided us with. These past weeks have been life-changing for me, not just in my love life but in general. Cus of your tips I stopped my bad habits of wasting time and started on a journey full of new experiences. I have even started my own online business. So thank you so much, best regards.”

Malik K.

“Thank you for all you did for me. I’m getting married next month due to all I learned from you.. thank you. If you ever need me to be on the show to let the world know your real. I would be honoured.”

Aldo Serrano

“I love your advice about energy and vibe because all my life I’ve been quite an emotional vampire that needs other people to cheer me up. Now I’m more in control of my mood, cheering myself up using hip-hop music or YouTube videos so I can contribute more energy to my interactions with others, and I’ve seen nothing but positive feedback from my friends.”

Hadian P.

“Hey, David! I have had you as a mentor now in my life for a little over a month. I want to say for starters, I see you are a man of great value, and you inspire me to be a better person. You’re fucking awesome! I want my life to surrounded by people like you!”

Richard Roman

“After watching and implementing your free content leading up to Limitless, I went out to the club to apply it. Later in the evening, I was on the dance floor and got a tap on the shoulder. I turned around to a beautiful blonde woman staring into my eyes. She told me “I love you”.

How could I not buy your course after this? I’ve never had something feel so effortless. Regards.”

Richard Roman

“I’ve watched a few of you videos and I’ve learned a lot about many different things. They have helped me open my eyes to many different things especially how to fix relationship problems even the most simple ones. Just knowing the information you have thought me might help save my relationship with the woman of my dreams.”


“Thank you, Dr. David. thank you again for making this group and videos. You’ve thought me a lot. I’ve always been into working out and bettering myself but your page kinda give me a sense of direction of how to mentally better myself. I never knew I had White Knight syndrome or some form of neediness when I was dating, but I’ve learned a lot being in this group, thank you again Dr. D.”

Tommy P.

“I recently finished Module 11 of Rock Solid Relationships. Stick with it till the end guys, it’s worth it!

It took me 20 weeks opposed to 11 but I learned a lot and intend to go back to modules I didn’t quite grasp initially. Some of the material was reminder work “for me” but then I imagine I am much older than most of you; trust me when I say Listen and Pay Attention, if I knew all this stuff in my 20’s and 30’s the pain I felt throughout most all my relationships would possibly never have happened.

Since my divorce, I kinda went on a slut rampage but it gradually tapered off. I found myself constantly going after the same self-absorbed model types and repeating old habits, recently I found One that’s a Sociology professor AND mentally Mature AND good looking, she’s a pleasant change.

Honestly without this program and the changes I’ve made, I do not think this girl would have ever seen me as someone worth having and possibly I for her.”

Rick O.

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

Aura has played a huge part in my life. For me, it’s a life-changing experience from how I dress, walk, talk and most importantly, the way I think. It means a lot to me. It’s making me into a better man.

Let’s talk about my image, which has improved a lot since I joined AURA. I used to be called a “geek” or “nerd” by my friends who had no idea of the right haircut, how to dress or what personal care products I should have. I was really confused about buying the right clothes for me before I joined Aura. With the help of David and other Aura members, I have improved tremendously in my fashion sense.

In the past, I had tried to lose weight but none of the attempts were really fruitful. Back in early June, I went for David’s frequent 1-on-1, and I remember vividly that he gave me a lot of advice including having a healthier body. I was a bit shocked at that time as David was kind of “EXPLOSIVE” while he told me those things. It somehow planted a seed in me. After that day, I started to embark on the journey to lose weight. Within 3 months, I lost about 10 kg.’s and I’m still working towards my target of becoming another BIG POPPA PIMP, hahaha (i.e., brother DESL, the champion bodybuilder).

Ever since I joined Aura, I have done a lot of things which in the past, I would have thought was impossible like making friends with beautiful female strangers on the streets, being comfortable in clubs, talking to many strangers on any occasions, etc. AURA really helped me to push my edge and go beyond my comfort zone. I’m grateful for that.

Other than that, my life has been so much more fulfilled with lots of learning. I appreciate the fact that David has a scholarly background. He has recommended us lots of good books and resources. In his teachings, David quotes from different books and relates them to the Social Arts. Reading has been a big part of my life and with recommended books by David, I have really enjoyed the process of self development with his feedback and guidance.

Overall, I am really thankful that I joined AURA. It’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life.
The only thing I regret is I should have joined AURA earlier.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

There are sooo many things I like about the Aura experience.

Firstly, I like the fact that it helps me to improve myself in any social situation from approaching, making connections, transitioning from phase to phase, generating attraction, etc. Back in the day when I was still a “geek”, what I’m doing in social situations now was really impossible even to conceive of. Now, I can say that I’m comfortable going into any social situations even when I am alone.

Other than that, I like how David is very knowledgeable and always gives his best in conducting classes, giving advice in 1 on 1, replying to FRs, pushing us in RockStar Night and enhancing the contents of AURA. Quoting Lt Walker, “this guy is legit man”. I can feel David’s dedication and enthusiasm in helping all of us to becoming a better man. For me, he is more than a DATING COACH as he teaches us
about philosophy, psychology and other aspects of life.

I also like the very friendly culture of AURA brothers. There are always some brothers who we can seek help from when we are stuck or lost. We hang out together and become real life friends. I always remember how a few AURA members give me advice and show up at clubs just for me. In the Forum, you can see almost everyone contribute to the richness of the contents. You can get tips on life, free
ebooks, travel tips, insider advice on the club scene, etc. Nowadays, I’ll visit the AURA FORUM at least once a day and http://auradating.com/forum.html is consistently my most visited website in my Mozilla Firefox.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

The Academy basically has 99.999% of what is required for us to achieve our goals in the SOCIAL ARTS. My main advice to new Aurjandro is to make full use of all the resources in the Academy.

First and foremost, please embark on the journey with an open mind and be non-judgemental of what you learn in the Academy. Please let go of your ego while learning in the Academy. This will help a lotin your learning.

Please attend all the classes you can or listen to the recordings and then, do all the assignments you can. If you attend classes, do ask questions, be vocal and participate as much as possible in the drills. All these will help crystallise David’s teaching in your mind.

Other than that, attend all the activities organized by the Academy, like the frequent 1-on-1’s, Rock Star Night, Overseas Trips, etc. Through all these activities, you will gain enormously useful experiences. Humans learn through experiences, and they help us to grow. Quoting David in one of the class recordings, “F*CKING COME TO 1-ON-1 MAN!!!” Prepare your questions and go to 1-on-1. I’m sure
David will give his best to answer your questions. Even if you don’t have any specific questions, it’s also good to hang out with David at the 1-ON-1 as he will chat with you and then, find out your progress followed by some invaluable advice’s.

Always TAKE ACTIONS and do not be afraid to take risks. You may make mistakes but the main thing is through mistakes, you’ll learn. It’s important to get FEEDBACK from David and other mentors. One very efficient way to do this is to post your FRs in the AURA forum. Writing FRs not only allows us to get feedback but also lets us REFLECT on what went well and what should have done better.

Last but not least, I just want to quote from AURA103: “How well you do in the social arts reflects your mechanics and your attitude, not your innate ability”. We all must be responsible for our learning. Everything has been laid out for you in the Aura Academy but you have to TAKE ACTION. So, ARE YOU READY, BRO?

Bernard L.

Current Achievement Level: Ambassador

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

Life-changing. The experience in the Academy not only makes me better with women but also with the people around me such as my former managers and all.

Back in the day, just approaching a person to ask for the time was hard for me. But now, I’m able to tell myself to go to a person I would like to know and make connections with him/her. I truly appreciate that I’m able to make more friends and connect with them.

The fact that I’m happier right now – being able to achieve my goals and being happier about myself has left me with no regrets in joining the academy.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

Getting pushed to the limits by David and the wing girls has got to be one of the best experiences to ever get. Allowing myself to get my butt kicked by David in-field, in classes and on 1 on 1s each time AND getting my butt kicked by the wing girls in drills have never failed to get me improving…and the memories of it just bring a smile to my face because they are priceless.

The experiences of getting pushed to the limits by myself and the people that I have dated and met in the clubs/streets are really enjoyable and challenging. Looking back at how pathetic and funny I was on my journey, it is really easy to conclude that it is indeed the journey and the process which is more enjoyable than the destination and result.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Make use of every opportunity you can find or create to improve yourself. When the coaches ask for an answer, try answering that question. When they’re asking who wants to do the drills on the stage, get up there. Go for as many 1-1 coaching as possible with a list of questions, and listen well.

Go for the Rockstar Nights and ask for feedback on your performance. And always, remember to write your FRs so that you will be able to reflect on what you have done and how you can improve yourself.

Always be humble and remember to take yourself like an empty glass of water. We all suck, that’s why we’re in the Academy in the first place. Accept criticisms well so that you can improve yourself.

And very importantly – dare to try out new things. I bet that there are many things that the coaches will tell you to do that you will not feel 100% comfortable doing. Things such as physical touch and trying out new styles of fashion might not get you comfortable in the first place but just do it.

As time passes and you get used to trying them, you will find out yourself how much you have improved.

Muhammad B.

Current Achievement Level: Mastery

What does the Aura experience mean to you? What do you like about the Aura experience?

‘Liberating’ is the first word that comes to my mind. The first time I saw David live in the free seminar and just stepping onstage to do a direct opener demonstration was stepping out of my very small comfort zone then. How times have changed and there is so much more to look forward to the future.

I still vividly remember my Admissions Congress experience. It was the first time I had approached that many girls and I knew from then on I had made the right decision in trusting both myself and David to help me make the changes in my life that I had so long been dreaming of.

I’ve gone through many ups and downs throughout my 6 months in Aura thus far. Sometimes I have felt that I was not progressing as I have envisaged and I felt really down and helpless.

These were times when Aura Academy has helped me so much. From the teachings/scolding/pushing by Dr. David to the backing by fellow academy members. Notable high points were meeting incredible people along the journey (great mentors and friends such as David, Jonathan, Lt.Walker, Kingpin) who pushed me really hard yet were always there to listen and help me out with the challenges I was facing in this journey towards social freedom and becoming a more attractive person. ! I also made so many new great friends who share the same passions and challenges as myself, and we have had great times during our bromance sessions debriefing, reflecting and sharing with each other on our lives, dreams and goals. ! Another turning point for me was the Bootcamp with David and Christian Hudson. It’s funny/amazing as I had a premonition in a dream that taking this Bootcamp was going to take me to the next level in terms of social skills. I feel I benefitted tremendously from the teachings, mindset resets and overall infield practice immediate feedback I got from the Bootcamp.

It was my first same night hook-up that weekend, and this broke many many mental barriers which I previously had.

The experience for me is more than getting laid and girls. It is about a process of finding my true identity, and I feel I am slowly but surely beginning/progressing to live the life that I always wanted to and believed that I so rightfully deserved. (Man can’t believe tears keep rolling down as I write this!!)

It’s about making amazing connections with people whom I have now gained the confidence to go out and meet and make our lives better for one another.

More importantly, it taught me to invest in myself and take the risks and actions to make my life better and happier.

There is no better satisfaction than that. Discovering the world of women has been such an enlightening (although fearful at times) experience for me.

I loved everything in this Aura experience (from the pain to the ecstasy of joy). I’ve learned tons more about myself as well as others than any other point in my life.

My sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who has played their part in my journey.

Thank you so much for the tremendous life lessons in helping me make the changes I’ve wanted in my life and also for being an inspiration for me to strive towards:)

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Live life as if today was your last and go beyond your edges as the benefits and joys are limitless and so fulfilling!

Please go for 1-1’s (these are GOLD!!)

I’ve benefitted so much when I started to write FR’s on a consistent basis and started implementing David’s recommendations. Writing FRs has also made me evaluate and reflect on my interactions in a more profound way and its like I go through them vividly all over again.

Have a plan (e.g going to clubs on a biweekly basis and trying new things that you’ve learned).

Until the next time


Leonard L.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

The Aura experience is definitely one of the most valuable and memorable experiences of my life. David, the Aurjandros, and the mentors have taught me so many things about life. Making new friends and meeting new people are some of the best experiences in Aura.

Aura doesn’t only teach you to be a social man, Aura teaches you to be a man who is full of passion, goals, and dreams. Aura also teaches you how to be an attractive alpha male. Being an alpha male is the most important aspect of attraction. Learning to be an alpha male doesn’t only teach you how to be good with women, but how to be good with everybody. Aura has made me understand not only how women think but how people think. You will never see life the same way after Aura.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

The Aura experience, I don’t just like the Aura experience. I LOVE IT!

The best part about the Aura experience is the people around you. The peer support group is the major drive in my journey in Aura. It is definitely difficult for David alone to take care of every Aurjandro, so the culture of taking care of each other is really the best thing about the Aura experience. Nowadays when I go to clubs looking for fun and meeting new people, Aurjandro is the first in my guest list. They are always there through thick and thin. Everyone helps one another. The Ambassadors are really respectable as they spend time with you and give you awesome advice. Nobody looks down on anybody. We all learn from one another.

The Aura experience teaches you to live life even more happily. Aurjandro teaches one another how to go to clubs for free (I have saved a lot of money out of this). Peer support has helped me a lot. I never felt alone. If I ever feel very down or demotivated, Aurjandro jump in and boost me up, giving me a whole lot of energy to keep going. The best part of the Aura Culture is really Aurjandro helping one another wholeheartedly.

The Aura experience has made me meet new people, recently, Christian Hudson. I am wanting to meet more of these mentors who you will learn a lot from. Learning never ends in Aura. There is always new things to learn, to revise. I have taken so many notes in Aura that taking notes in school have suddenly become the norm for me (before Aura, I never take personal note of anything I learn in school ). The Aura experience has definitely turned me into a better man.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

The first thing you MUST do when you first enter Aura is to make friends with ALL the Aurjandro (especially Ambassadors and above). Be a friendly guy and learn from everyone. Invite Aurjandros to events, outings, coffee sessions, and Gym sessions (they are awesome). Learn and APPLY! Invite Aurjandro to hangout sessions to meet new people and club with them. It’s a really motivating factor as you will feel so weird if you become an AFA among Aurjandro, and the environment drives you to be a better social man. Making friends and getting to know Aurjandro aisan absolute must!

Next thing you should do is to download ALL the classes, take extensive notes and LEARN! Be serious in learning and APPLY! Every time you get stuck, go for the one on one’s (even if you’re not stuck and you’re free, just go, you will always learn something new). ALWAYS and always be on the good side of David. If he tells you to change something, YOU BETTER DO IT! Take criticism and bad experiences as learning points (this is what changed me). After Aura, I didn’t care about what others thought. Everything I do, whether right or wrong, I took it as a learning experience. THROW YOUR EGO ASIDE! Don’t get emotional about mistakes you have done, just change and learn from it. David might be very fierce and strict with you, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!

David’s Music (you should know what music is :P) is what drove me to handle my Approach Anxiety. I progressed faster than some of my peers due to this, an approach is not a problem for me now.

In short, make good friends and keep in contact with everyone you meet through Aura. Learn everything and put your ego aside.


Ben A.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?


What do you like about the Aura experience?

I like the fact that it’s gotten me RESULTS. Before starting the Academy, I didn’t know what I was doing or how to attract a girl. Now I’m dating new girls every week. I have the power to walk up to a hot girl I see at the bus stop or street and meet her. It’s amazing.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Be open to change. Welcome criticism. David is not just a teacher. He’s also a coach. Coaches aren’t always nice to their players. Sometimes they have to be harsh to get their point across. It’s because he sees more in you than you see in yourself.

As David’s said to me before, once we enter the Academy, we are no longer the customers. We are the product. The beautiful women of the world are the real customers! And the Aura coaches (David, Lt. Walker, Kingpin, Christian Hudson) are there to ensure that they produce the highest quality products. It’s like Apple making sure they don’t produce any defective iPhones. They are quality control. Trust them and do what they say. Try out their advice in the real world first before questioning it. Let them make you the best you can be.

Practice a lot. Aura gives you all the information you need to excel, but you need to go out there and apply it, practice it. When David is there in person for coaching, don’t just run away from him because you’re scared he’ll push you outside your comfort zone. Ask him to watch you and give you feedback.

We’ve signed up for a whole year. So take a long-term perspective. Many want to see gradual incremental progress. They want to see better results each week (like 5 numbers this week and then 7 numbers the next week) or else they get frustrated. But real growth is never that way. It happens in dips and peaks. Although the dips can be tough and depressing, the highs just keep getting better and better. It’s when we step back and look at the longer term trajectory, that’s when we’re blown away by how much we’ve developed over the weeks and months. And with all the value Aura is giving us, my only regret is that I didn’t sign up sooner.

Anton L.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

The Aura experience for me is about growth. It’s about developing myself to a level in which I have a choice and options in the important aspects of my life. It’s about being honest with who I currently am and growing that person to a level that is capable of the things that I have dreamed of. It’s about being with a group of people who are committed to their own personal growth, and who share the same desire for holistic growth as people… that is, a level of greatness in all areas of life.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

Aura is about progress. I know that the coaches are competent and knowledgeable, so this puts me at ease in knowing that I have come to the right place. When first starting out one needs to know that those they are learning from can be trusted, and it doesn’t take long after going through the experience to realize that indeed, Aura Academy is at the top of the game.

In knowing that those doing the teaching and the materials being presented are top notches, I can direct my attention to the aspects that are my areas of responsibility.

The Aura experience of having a group of people who know my desired outcomes, know how to assist me in achieving my desired outcomes, and be so accessible makes this journey less time consuming and more enjoyable.

I know that my time won’t be wasted because the community values action and progress, and with that, David will be honest in his observations of my progress and field reports. The honesty and direct way in which I am guided is extremely valuable, as it ensures that I am aware of the true causes that need to be directly addressed.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

KNOW what you want – Clearly define for yourself your vision of what it is you desire to achieve by going through Aura.

Accept 100% responsibility – Although the resources, guidance, and group are there, you will not just magically become successful through their work and association. The decision points, internal dialogue, comprehensions, action and genuine learning and growth of you as a person are your own responsibility, and no one can do this for you. Hope is not a strategy. This means that you will have to directly do the work. “If the bus isn’t coming, you had better start walking.”

Get Ready to Work – Make sure you are very clear of what is involved – scheduling your time to the lessons, the training days, rock star nights, going out to try the materials, journal writing, writing field reports. As stated above, YOU will be doing this.

Commit – Make the decision that you will do what it takes to achieve what you’ve envisioned. This might seem obvious, but when I first started on my journey, I was one of those guys who thought that I would just pay the money to be a part of it all, and things will just magically happen for me. Not so. Obviously, I have to do something, too. Accept responsibility, know what you will have to be doing, and commit to doing them.

Utilize the community aspect of the Academy – Your fellow Aurjandro is going through or has gone through what you are experiencing. Utilize their wisdom, but still, acknowledge what is solely your responsibility.

Consistency/Persistence – Know that getting to where you envision yourself to be will come from the accumulation of small successes, small changes in your behavior another night. It will not all come overnight, so stay consistent with your behavior another night. It will not all come overnight, so stay consistent with the tiny adjustments and changes and be persistent, and eventually the accumulation of all the tiny, sometimes seemingly insignificant gains will add up to you waking up one day with two airline stewardesses, one on each side of you in bed, and a big grin on your face. (Or whatever your version of success in this area looks like to you.)

Mindset is very important – Because success isn’t going to happen overnight but through the accumulation of tiny gains and success. You must hold strong in the face of what many might view of as “failure”.

You will get rejected. You will make mistakes. You will have to face some of your fears. BUT, what’s been helping me as of late, is associating all of this, good and bad, with fun! The process can be and is fun when you take on the right mindset.

Bo L.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

Knowing oneself as we are now, what we want to be, and going about becoming that person.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

The open, non-judging, and accepting nature of the mentors & peers. Aurjandro surrounds me with their enthusiasm, determination, persistence, and their zest for improvement. An environment conducive to developing into the ideal self of my choice inside the classroom & beyond, in the aspect of “dating” & beyond. An environment suitable for developing my life into the one I want it to be

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

It isn’t enough to get the concepts into your head. You will be taught a lot in Aura, but you need to know which ones are relevant to you (varies as you progress). I’ll just list a few “hacks” that you can use to maximize your results with the minimal effort.

1. 80/20 principle – 80% of the results come from 20% of input – the 20% varies from person to person… identify your 20%

2. Practice the lessons you learn.

3. Report your practice for feedback – the best way to learn is to not only know what went wrong but also to know what went right. Feedback from the instructors on your reports allows you to customize what is taught & make it your own.

4. Last, but not the least – do not compare yourself with others. Each person comes in with their own goals (which change as time goes by). Know yourself, and work on being the best you can be. ! This is just one point of view… I’m sure that you will also be proud to call yourself an Aurjandro!


Carpe Diem! -G

George M.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

It means a lot to me – especially so when you continually strive to better yourself day by day. You could feel you are improving – just by looking at the mindsets that you’ve acquired, the interactions you have with people, the way you carry yourself, etc. Just a few tweaks in my socially programmed mind was all it took to unleash my potential. I still feel that I have not yet reached the best of myself, but I am certainly proud to say that I am a much more polished individual as compared to just a year ago.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

I like the fact that we are united in our common goal to improve ourselves as better men; everyone is encouraging and gives feedback to each other to improve each other as better individuals. All those moments we spend together, bantering about and taking a piss at each other – I know this might sound gay but I cherish those moments especially. It’s really nice to see the guys you started off with, and the ones soon after, are improving day by day. It is indeed satisfying that, though how indirectly I contributed to their development, you can see them at end of just 6 months – they are much more becoming a complete package.

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Go all out to improve yourself. Balance is the key – between leading a normal active life and also setting aside time for socializing.

Sonny L.

Current Achievement Level: Ambassador

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

It means making a commitment to take time to attend evening classes (or at the very minimum, listen through the recordings + page through those Powerpoint slides by yourself) and, more importantly, to put in the time and effort to change and remake yourself. It has been challenging along the way – sleep deprivation over Rockstar and non-Rockstar nights (I’ve never been an avid clubber), funny looks from family and relatives from the changes in my wardrobe and dressing, and developing this inner voice nagging about tonality, body language, and eye contact. (But if nagging is required to improve, I’m all for it. Nag more! :))

But all in all, Aura has been (and still is) an extremely edifying experience with many worthwhile memories made and friendships forged.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

I think what’s distinctive about Aura is in the impact it has had on my life, most probably due to the sheer duration & community built around it – it’s not like those (expensive) seminars or boot camps that pump you full of info or feel-good emotions but in terms of impact, leaves much wanting. I also appreciate the comraderie and esprit de corps from fellow Aurjandro, those experienced ‘old-birds’ (for their invaluable insights + feedback), as well as the new joiners (by spurring me to live up to their expectations). And of course, for providing a shoulder to commiserate on, or simply provide a good, sorely-needed berating :).

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Be involved! Ask questions, participate, and of course, help others if you can. Esprit de corps + pay it forward :)).

Daniel T.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

I’ll be able to grow in terms of my inter-personal and intra-personal communication skills. The experience has made me more socially active, and I’m on my way to achieve my goal as a more socially attractive real man.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

Practical drills in class to practice my socializing skills with dating coaches to observe and pinpoint my sticking points
1 on 1 private consultations that allow me to ask any questions regarding dating
Rock Star Nights at various clubs to practice in-field what I’ve learned to apply in real-life situations, thereby calibrating and improving my social skills and self-development with each Rock Star Night practices
Most importantly, fellow Aurjandro whom I’ve met who are more experienced in the dating and socializing dynamics and are willing to help me improve myself. More friendship bonds are established as well.
Field report feedback from our dating coaches to pinpoint our sticking points, thereby improving with every social interaction.
Female dating coach present to give us a female perspective of the socializing and dating world and to give us valuable fashion advice on how to look sexually attractive

What advice would you give new Aurjandro on how to make the most of their time in the Academy?

Go to classes often and don’t be shy to take up the drill lessons
Socialize as much as possible with the members of the opposite gender to get used to talking to ladies, if you’ve only been talking to guys for your past entire life
Be daring to ask a lady out for dates, even if your social skills currently aren’t top notch, so as to learn real-life lessons from your mistakes.
Be as detailed as possible in writing your field reports, so that you can identify your sticking points and handle them fast!
Don’t be shy to ask questions, that’s the most crucial advice!

Thomas T.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

What does the Aura experience mean to you?

I like that it takes a practical approach to life, in that what David teaches has been battle-tested and is not just theory. I also like that I have learned which areas to concentrate on, i.e., body language to a larger extent than the verbal aspect of communication.

What do you like about the Aura experience?

I would advise them to go to the 1 on 1 with David, to hang out with members more advanced than themselves too.

Also to prepare for the class by listening to previous recordings, and not only to rely on David to teach but also ask other Aura members any questions they need clarifying regarding their sticking points. Also, take up yoga or a form of exercise that improves posture. As well, try doing extensive reading around topics that David covers.

Andrew M.

Current Achievement Level: Acolyte

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