Major new study shows male attractiveness can be developed through David Tian’s online courses in social confidence, dating skills, and conversation skills.

According to a recent study published in the top tier Journal of Personality, researchers from the University of Michigan, the University of Southern California, and three universities in Singapore (SMU, NTU, MUS) found that men who studied dating skills training videos by Dr. David Tian were subsequently perceived by women as more attractive. David Tian’s dating skills courses are the only dating advice training videos that have been empirically verified in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal to make men more attractive to women.

David Tian, whose practice has been registered in Singapore since 2010, is a therapist and life coach who specializes in helping men improve their dating lives, relationships, and psychological well-being. He holds three Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the University of Toronto.

“The training videos used in this study are derived from the latest version of my online course Invincible, which is a multi-week, step-by-step system to guide men to improve in casual dating and in their overall psychology,” said therapist and coach David Tian. “The tutorial videos I supplied were proven in this study to increase social confidence, romantic desirability, and perceived social status and social dominance. Our courses are the only scientifically verified dating skills training courses in the world. I also have another set of training courses to guide men and couples to succeed in their long-term relationships, as well as other training courses on how to succeed in social interactions with people in diverse contexts.”

The research reported in this study consisted in three separate studies, in which 235 women had speed dates with men who had studied or not studied the video training provided by David Tian. The men who received David Tian’s video training on how to approach speed-dating-style encounters were rated by the women as more attractive, of higher social confidence, of greater romantic desirability, of higher social status, and of greater social dominance. These men also received more exchanges of contact information from the women in the study and were more often chosen as a short-term mate.

According to the authors of the study, the men who took the dating skills course provided by Dr. Tian “were perceived by women with whom they interacted briefly to have higher social confidence and greater romantic desirability.” These men “also received greater partner consent for exchanging contact information” and “were more often chosen as a short-term mate.” David Tian’s dating skills training course “also increased women’s perceptions of the male participants’ social status and social dominance.”

As reported in the journal article, the researchers found that the men who received David Tian’s video training were rated by the 235 women as…

  • More attractive
  • Higher social confidence
  • Greater romantic desirability
  • Higher social status
  • Greater social dominance

Moreover, after going through the 3+ hour video training course by David Tian, these men enjoyed a 311% increase in the amount of women who offered to exchange contact information. These men were also rated by the women as 18.5% more attractive than the men who did not take Dr. Tian’s video training.

Dr. Tian also furnished the researchers with a video course on general conversation, which was used as a contrasting condition in the studies. Even the general conversation course by Dr. Tian, the study found, “also demonstrated some effectiveness in boosting perceived social confidence, dominance, status, and romantic desirability.” Thus, all of the dating skills and social training courses by David Tian were shown to be effective in their intended contexts. The study revealed a “consistent pattern” that Dr. Tian’s training courses “can help people be perceived as more confident and desirable in a social situation.”

The researchers concluded that, taken together, their studies prove social confidence in men can be trained and that it makes men more attractive to women. These findings expand the research on human mating in multiple ways and suggest that social confidence is an under-examined trait that may be more important than social status and social dominance when it comes to a man’s attractiveness to women.

A free version of the article can be found at this link here.


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