David Tian sold his ownership of The Desire System to The Social Man, Inc., in 2012. Since then, David Tian and his companies do not support The Desire System online course or any of its accompanying upsell courses, such as Lust or Power Signals. Customers of The Desire System should contact The Social Man, Inc., instead if they have issues or questions about the course.

In 2011, David Tian created and filmed The Desire System online course and the accompanying upsell courses: Lust, Power Signals, and accompanying PDFs. In 2012, David Tian sold his ownership rights to The Desire System and its accompanying upsell courses to Jonathan Christian Hudson, the owner of The Social Man, Inc., registered in Texas, USA. Since selling his ownership of The Desire System in 2012, David Tian and his company registered in Singapore — Aura Dating (Pte. Ltd.) — do not support The Desire System and its accompanying upsell courses, such as Lust or Power Signals.

“Since creating The Desire System course in 2011 and selling my ownership of it the next year, I have grown a lot as a person. From many years of psychotherapy, first as a client and later as a practitioner, I came to see how so much of my drive to succeed with women and dating came from a kind of compensatory narcissism, in which I was compensating for my core insecurities, hidden underneath all that striving,” says David Tian, who describes his favored approach to working with clients now as a combination of the best aspects of life coaching and psychotherapy.

“That was where I was when I created those more ‘pick up artist’ courses, like The Desire System. The science behind The Desire System still holds — mirror neurons, emotional contagion, facial action units, micro expressions, etc. — but the exaggerated claims in The Social Man’s marketing and salespages I do not support. Moreover, the mindsets, the motivations, the reasons why many guys buy it in the first place… you know, to further repress your toxic shame or compensate for your unaddressed core insecurities…  those I no longer stand behind,” says David Tian, “I think it’s much healthier and far better in the long run for most men to first invest in months of psychotherapy with a good therapist than to spend their time trying to learn dating techniques online.”

David Tian and his Aura Support Team would like this to be known:

If you’re a purchaser of The Desire System or any of its accompanying upsell courses, such as Lust or Power Signals, and are dissatisfied in any way, my team and I are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, the issue is with the owner of these courses, The Social Man, Inc., based in Austin, Texas, USA. In 2012, I sold my ownership of this course and no longer have anything to do with these courses. My team and I regret your negative experience with The Social Man’s Desire System. Please forward any questions or complaints to their representatives at this link:

Thank you for your kind understanding,
David Tian and the Aura Support Team


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