An easy way to use humour to get girls chasing you

By David Tian, Ph.D.

Being able to make a girl laugh is one of the most powerful skills a guy could use to attract women.

Funny Ways to Start a Conversation

Here’s one quick tip that is easy to use and will get a girl smiling, laughing, and flirting with you.

It’s called Positive Misinterpretation.

Whenever a girl says something you don’t like, just purposely misinterpret what she said and respond to that misinterpretation instead. Respond as if she just said something you wanted to hear, such as her paying you a compliment.

How to Start Talking to a Girl

For example…

Dialogue 1
This is one I overheard between my buddy and a girl at the bar.

Her, “You’re full of sh-t!”

Him (responding as if she had said, “You’re THE sh-t!”), “Thanks! You’re not so bad yourself. You should at least buy me a drink before you hit on me like that.”

Her, “No no, I said you’re FULL of sh-t.”

Him, “Oh, haha. Yeah, and I bet you LOVE it.”

Her (smiling now and blushing a bit), “… Yeah.”

Remember, reply to what you would have liked her to say, not to what she actually said. It’s funny only if it’s a misinterpretation.

Dialogue 2
Now here are a few lines you can use if your mind ever goes blank. These are just plain fun.

If she asks you something boring like, “So where are you from?”

Reply, “No, you don’t have to buy me another drink. Thanks, though.”

Make sure she realizes it’s a joke and respond to her question eventually. Otherwise, you’ll seem evasive, like you’re hiding something.

Dialogue 3
Her: “I love this song” (or something else you don’t want to talk about)

You: “No, sorry, I don’t give out my phone number to people I’ve just met.”

Dialogue 4
This technique is perfect for handling sh-t tests.

Her: “What’s with that gay scarf?”

You: “Oh, thanks for noticing! Yeah, my gay stylist friend picked it out for me at Burberry. Your hat looks gay, too, haha. Cool!”

This technique of Positive Misinterpretation is easy to use and versatile. You can use it to inject humour into almost any situation. Just remember to respond to what you would like her to have said, not to what she actually said.

What Attracts Women

A good sense of humour is a universally attractive trait. Having the ability to make a girl laugh whenever you want is an incredible asset. Imagine you see a beautiful girl standing at the bar and you know exactly how to make her giggle and flirt with you. Now’s that’s a power worth having.

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