AAOctober 21, 2014

The latest interview in the “Inside the Players’ Lounge” series is with my good friend, Mark Manson, who has written some of the very BEST analyses of relationships and mating psychology. Many of his articles have gone seriously viral… and for very good reason.

Just some of the things you’ll learn in this video include:

Pickup Artist

+ Why learning “pick up” will actually make you worse with women in the long run… and how you can actually make this work FOR you!

How to be Attractive to Women

+ The MOST IMPORTANT principle in male-female attraction is: “A man’s attractiveness is inversely proportional to his neediness.” What the heck does this mean, and how can this help you get girls without any effort? Watch this video to find out.

How to Attract Girls

+ Getting really hot girls, threesomes, and sex … Getting these can actually make you WORSE with women if you do it the wrong way. Watch this video to find out the right way.

Ok, enough bullets. Just watch the interview. It can change your life:

(Note: We only had one lapel mic that day, so I put it on Mark… which is why he sounds louder in the recording.)

Here is a link to the BEST ebook on relationships and getting better with women. Get it NOW. You will not regret it. You can thank me later.

You shouldn’t even need to think about it. Seriously. It’s that good. Just get it NOW:

Models by Mark Manson

This is THE BEST book you can get on how to become naturally attractive to women.

It changed my life.

If you’re an intelligent man, it will change yours, too.

Get it here:

Models by Mark Manson

Do yourself a favor. Get it done. Get it handled.


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