I’ve been enjoying an incredible process of growth, progress, and evolution to go beyond a narrow coaching focus on pleasure and women. And naturally, that has led to a change in my own research interests, coaching, and teaching.

I wasn’t sure if it would be as appealing to my readers as the “dating and women” stuff, but my private coaching clients and live events attendees and members have loved it. And more importantly, I’ve seen tremendous acceleration in transformation among my clients ever since I started introducing this new, more holistic approach to “lifestyle change.”

One part of this new journey has been learning from the veteran life coaches and peak performance strategists like Anthony Robbins, who’s been coaching about as long as I’ve been alive! I read his books several years ago and thought they were good (if a bit long and unwieldy). But it wasn’t until I was dragged to one of his live events did I appreciate the power (literally) of what he teaches.

I recently attended his Unleash the Power Within event in London with a couple friends, including Angel Donovan of “Dating Skills Review.” He interviewed me about the program and my thoughts on how this kind of coaching can skyrocket your success with women, being social, and life!

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Check it out here:

>>>Anthony Robbins’s Coaching and How It Helps You Be Great With Women: An Interview with David Tian<<<

Not only is it packed full of lessons, it’s also a lot of fun! We had fun recording it, and we hope you’ll enjoy the training in it.