In this interview, you’re going to hear me open up in a way that many of my followers have likely not heard before. This video is about my experience of discovering the only thing truly worth living (or dying) for.

Unconditional love is a strange concept for a lot of guys. They think they know what “unconditional love” means. But only when you begin to love all your most vulnerable parts unconditionally — the ones holding the shame, fear, sadness, etc. — are you then able to love an intimate partner unconditionally. Unconditional love means that when we choose to give love, we love that person without conditions.

Unconditional love does not mean disrespecting healthy boundaries, accepting abuse, or permitting harm. Healthy boundaries are good for both parties. Spoiling the child is not good for you or the child. Similarly, becoming codependent is not good for either partner.

Unconditional love also does not mean indiscriminate love. It does not mean we love everyone, always, equally. That’s indiscriminate. Unconditional love means that when choose to give love to someone, we do so without expecting any return, regardless of the circumstances.

Beware the feeling of what you think might be ”unconditional love” in a romantic relationship unless you have already discovered this state in a non-romantic relationship. There is too much else mixed in with romantic relationships — sexual desire, ego validation, peer approval, finances, etc. — for the novice to disentangle or isolate from it the element of unconditional love. This is much better learned from loving an innocent party, such as your child (or god-daughter, in my case) or even your pet dog.

Once you understand the meaning and experience the depth of unconditional love, you enter an entirely new dimension of reality.

I really hope you enjoy this video!


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