Self-help seems like a viable way to get rid of your neediness or insecurities. But it actually heightens these feelings — and makes you miserable.


Because most self-help gurus, courses, and books promote toxic growth. Fetishizing growth is a recipe for depression, anxiety, and shame.

That’s the bad news.

The good news?

You don’t need “growth” to be happy. In this episode, you’ll discover how self-help leads to toxic growth. And 3 simple ways to avoid the “Toxic Growth Trap” many men fall into.

Listen now.

 Show highlights include:

  • How personal development leads to toxic growth (and how to experience happiness, fulfillment, and love now) (0:25)
  • The insidious way growth makes you needy, unattractive, and miserable (even if it seems like its improving your life) (0:59)
  • Why buying into the “self-help lie” amplifies your neediness and insecurities instead of minimizing them (3:00)
  • The “Toxic Growth Trap” which fills you with anxiety, depression, and shame (and 3 ways to avoid this trap) (4:32)
  • How to create happiness out of thin air today (without hiring a life coach, going through personal development courses, or finding a girlfriend) (9:19)
  • The “Flow” secret for unlocking a state of human existence more pleasurable than having sex (13:52)
  • The weird way accepting more challenges unleashes joy through your veins (14:02)

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