Hidden camera footage from Singapore of a nerdy-looking supervisor abusively bitch-slapping his intern has gone viral and was even taken down by Youtube apparently for “violating their policies on violence and disturbing content” (I’ve seen a lot worse on Youtube), according to the International Business Times.

No doubt, the abusive supervisor should be punished. So far, there are no reports of any disciplinary measures taken against the supervisor. Rather, reports say that the intern being abused and the guy who filmed the abuse were both fired over the incident! WTF?

Anyway, what shocked me most was that the 29 year-old intern had to have his parents step into confront the supervisor. Good for the parents. But wait, wait, wait, what? Did I read correctly that this guy is 29 years old?! Or was that a typo, and it should read 12 years old?

Stand up for yourself! Be a man! You’re 29 years-old!

OK, I feel sorry for the “kid.”

I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing–that as a 29 year-old, he got bitch-slapped by a computer nerd repeatedly, or that his parents had to come into the office to speak with “the bully.”

If you know any other guys who need to learn how to ASSERT themselves POLITELY and KINDLY, please refer them to Aura Dating Academy. I capitalize those words because part of the problem is that many Asians equate assertiveness or sticking up for yourself with being mean and nasty. And they think assertiveness is the opposite of being polite, nice, and kind. They don’t know how to be both Polite and Assertive at the same time. And in the end, all you get is a lot of Passive-Aggressiveness and Asian Pushovers.

Learn about masculinity and how to be a man in an Asian context at Aura Dating Academy.

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