Just last week, I spent a wonderful afternoon giving a 2-hour seminar at the Singapore Management University–arguably the top management school in the country–as part of their Social Sciences Capstone Seminar Series. Yes, this was a real university talk in an official university course, not a guest talk at a school fraternity, club, or student group. I really enjoyed the students’ questions and interacting with them. The room holds 70 and sometimes about half that show up, but I was honored that over 90 students and staff registered for the talk, and a lot of extra chairs had to be wheeled in. Afterwards, I had a very enjoyable dinner with SMU faculty.
SMU Seminar on “How to be Cool in School”
Here’s the abstract.

How to be Cool in School:
Perspectives from Neuroscience, Psychology, and Clinical Therapy

David Tian, Ph.D.
Aura Dating Academy

Attraction is a feeling based on intuitive processes. What are these processes and how do they work? Can we actually control and improve our attractiveness to the opposite sex and learn to be better at dating and courtship, and get the girl or guy we want, or is this all just an urban myth? Finally, cutting edge research advances in empirical psychology and neuroscience have taken attraction apart, figured it out, and turned it into an applied science. Using unique knowledge drawn from a variety of social sciences, natural sciences, and humanistic disciplines, I reveal what interpersonal attraction is and how it really works. I also provide practical strategies and techniques you can use to apply this knowledge in your everyday life in the real world so you can be “cool in school.”

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