Change. That’s a necessary sign of progress, growth, maturity, learning, evolution.

This includes changing your mind.

It’s astounding how much my views and beliefs about foundational issues — like love, the good, and the meaning of life — have evolved over the years.

A total change — even just within the past few years, let alone a decade ago.

I’d prefer to keep all my old posts and content, dating back over a decade, up online.

Sort of like keeping your old photos up on Facebook to look back on from time to time just to remind yourself how far you’ve come.

Unfortunately, most people stop maturing once their formal education ends.

Such people can’t fathom how someone could change his mind so fundamentally even as an adult!

This says a lot about those people’s mindsets.

But there’s also another lesson in this.

The more I evolve, the less firmly I hold onto any certainties.

Thinking back to the beliefs I was absolutely 100% convinced of — that human decisions are based mostly on reason and not on emotions or unconscious processes, that the hardest part is getting the woman not keeping her, that if I achieved more “success” then I’d be happier, and the list goes on and on — it’s scary how many of them I disagree with now.

It’s humbling.

I think an important sign of a mature human being is that he’s ready to consider his perceptions and judgments of people and things could be completely wrong… even if, right now, he’s completely convinced they’re right.

“If you’re not humble, life will visit humbleness upon you.” — Mike Tyson

So look out!

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If you always think you’re right, you’ll never learn anything new

January 4, 2018