Veteran dating coach extraordinaire Nick Sparks interviewed me recently for his new podcast! We covered a lot of key topics, such as how therapy can help you attract and keep your ideal partner.

Nick Sparks and I came up together in the coaching world, over 14 years ago! (Man do I feel old writing that lol.) We started out co-leading bootcamps along with Christian Hudson of The Social Man.

Over the many years since then, Nick and I have grown and matured a lot and in some similar ways… and have had the privilege of helping thousands of people succeed in their dating and love lives along the way.

Listen in as we discuss simple but profound changes that have transformed our lives and work. Insights like…

  • Discovering the life-changing power of psychotherapy for your dating issues
  • A simple test to determine whether you need therapy to reach your dating or relationship goals
  • The most effective way to attract the right woman for you
  • And much more…

I also answer live, phone-in questions from callers, and work with them live, on air. I field questions from other men on…

  • How to date someone who’s experienced trauma in the past
  • How to overcome your own neediness and toxic relationship habits
  • How to move past your insecurity over your height, or anything else!

Use this link to listen to my new interview by Nick Sparks <<<

All the best,
David Tian

P.S. It’s a two-part podcast episode. The first part is our fun and deep discussion. The second part is me answering questions from callers live. Listen in at the link above!


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