So many of us are afraid that if we stop beating ourselves up, forcing ourselves to strive and achieve… that we’ll then just end up being lazy bums.

And some of us are so afraid of failing that we don’t even try, we just procrastinate forever… because we fear that if we fail, it would *prove* that we’re not worthy.

But, what if you were to stop all striving, all working so hard to gain what you already have, how would your life be different?

In all of your searching, in all of your striving, in all of your gaining, you are simply uncovering what has been here all along, my achiever friend.

It’s time to remember now… that all the worth you are filling your days trying to have confirmed, trying to earn… is here, in this moment, in you… from the moment you took your very first breath.

It’s time to remember now that you, my fellow human being, were born worthy… worthy of connection, of significance, of love.

This is inspired by Sarah Blondin’s meditations. Do yourself a favor and check out her work:

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"You Are Enough" - A Message To Achievers | David Tian, Ph.D.