Women are not passive victims in the modern dating process

In the current culture of victimisation, extremist feminism, and casual man-hating, people tend to forget that not too long ago, Fifty Shades of Grey surpassed Harry Potter to become the fastest selling paperback in history. It’s also the fifth bestselling book in history. The other two books in the Fifty Shades trilogy came in at 11th and 14th bestselling of all time.

Not too shabby considering the target market of Fifty Shades is only half the population, yet it dominates the all time bestsellers lists.

That’s a lot of BDSM fantasy reading.

But that’s all in the shadows.

Back on the surface…

What radical feminists want you to believe is that a woman would never be sexually attracted to a man unless he coerced her. That’s why it’s hard for extremist feminists to accept that a man can actually be “seductive”… while still being honest and direct.

They think he must be lying or scheming or forcing himself on her.

But the fact is…

Some men are actually sexually attractive, not just in their looks, but also in their behaviour and bearing.

Some women like to be seduced and enjoy submitting to a dominant man. The popularity of Fifty Shades is evidence of that. (I can’t believe I’m even writing this because it seems so obvious.)

Sadly, extremist feminism hurts both women and men.

Extremist feminism forces women to act like men… while shaming the men.

To the many American men who write to me in despair because they have no idea how to relate to women now in this PC culture of safe spaces, trigger warnings, and micro aggressions…

Passion can only exist when there is polarity between feminine and masculine energies.

If the depolarisation of sexual energy persists, the passion disappears.

Then the powerful feminine energy that’s been hiding in the shadows all this time will break through and insist on the reappearance of its counterpart masculine energy.

But who knows how long that will take. In the meantime, remember this fact:

Women are not passive victims in the modern dating process. If the man is being honest and direct, the woman cannot be seduced unless she wants to be seduced.

So take heart, always be open with what you’re about, and love courageously.

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Women are not passive victims in the modern dating process